Got A Blog Here's How To Earn Money With It

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					3) Get traffic
       There are a multitude of ways that you can get traffic to your blog. The first is with
video marketing. Simply create 2-4 minute videos and submit them to popular video
marketing sites such as You tube. If you're not used to making videos, you should know
that they are very easy to create. You can use a simple program called Camstudio
( to create on screen demonstrations of your video.
       Another way to get traffic is with article marketing. What you do is create 300-500
word articles and submit them to the popular article directories. You get traffic in 2 ways
when you do this method. The first way is search engine traffic. All of the top article
directories rank high in the search engines, and when a user types in a certain keyword,
your article will appear to them in the search results.
       The next way that you get traffic is when website owners publish your article onto
their website. This is a great way to get free traffic and the high quality your articles are, the
more people will publish your article onto their website.
       Use these tips to start earning money with your blog today.
Good luck with using these tactics to earn money blogging now.

Adrian Hargray
                    Got A Blog? Here's How To Earn Money With It

       Blogging is fun but you should also know that it can make you very profitable.
When starting a blog to earn extra income, there are some things that you can do to
maximize your chances of success. And in this article, we will go over a few of these things
so that you can have success with your blog now. Here's the first thing that you should do
when starting a blog for fun and profit.

1) Use niche marketing
       You want to build your blog around a topic that not alot of people are targeting.
This will allow you to operate in a competition free zone and increase the odds of you
actually earning money from your efforts. When you build a blog around a popular topic
such as business, news, finance, or even music - you hinder your success because you're
trying go against people in these niches who have been doing this for years. Some of your
competition will have brand recognition in the marketplace and it will be hard to sway
users to your blog and gain a voice.
       To counteract this, go into a niche. Build a blog around rose gardens or computer
repair. It doesn't have to necessarily be these examples but hopefully you're getting my
drift. Niche marketing is the best way to start earning money with your blog, so you should
start doing it today. Speaking of making money with your blog, let's move on to tip number

2) Make money with your blog
       To monetize your blog, you will want to put Google Adsense on it. Another way to
make money with your blog is with affiliate marketing. You can signup to
to find affiliate products to promote now. If you're using to host your blog,
then you should know that they make it easy for you to incorporate Google Adsense on
your blog.
       They have step by step wizards that will guide you through the process and you can
even blend it in to your blog so that it looks seamless. Making money with your blog is
important, but you won't earn money if you're not getting alot of traffic to your blog -
which brings me to my next point. Here's the last tip for earning money with your blog.

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