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					Name: Valerie Cannon
June 16, 20059:10 PM

(1) Introduction to Databases: A database is a collection of information organized so
that a computer program can quickly retrieve desired pieces of data. A field is a single
piece of information; a record is one complete set of fields; and a table is a collection of

   •   Sample Problem It is believed that sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fat increase
       the risk of cardiovascular disease. Use the filter tool in Excel to determine which
       foods should be avoided because they contain high concentrations of all of these
       substances. Include a printout of your report in your portfolio. Download and
       open nutrition.xls (an Excel file) . Use File/Open to open the nutrition.xls file if it
       does not open by double-clicking. Turn on AutoFilter (Data/Filter/AutoFilter).
       When it is on, small arrows appear in the field(column) headings. To sort the
       database, place the cursor in the first cell within a category (e.g. vit. C (mg), not
       in the category coordinate (e.g. A,B,C etc.). To perform record selection, use
       Data/Sort/SortBy and select the appropriate criteria to answer the question.

Name: Valerie Cannon
June 16, 20059:10 PM

                                    Cholesterol   Total Fat     Sodium
 Food                               [mg]          [g]           [mg]
 Butter - Stick                             247           92             933
 Chicken breast fried w/batter              119          18.5            385
 Custard baked                              278           15             209
 Oysters - raw Pacific                      120             5            185
 Scrambled with milk and butter             282           7.1            176
 Oysters Eastern raw                        120             4            175
 Duck meat only roasted                     198          24.8            143
 Egg Nog commercial                         149           19             138
 Chicken - Roasted whole                    125          10.4            120
 Beef - Liver                               410             7             90
 Raw whole without shell                    274           5.6             69
 Raw Yolk                                   272           5.6              8

Tiffany and I first looked at cholesterol, the first 25. Then we compared the 25th entry
with those who had a total fat content of 60g or more. Then we use a scatter point to
graph the data.

(2) Managing School Data: Schools and colleges are dependent upon databases to
maintain student records, finances, registration, teacher information, schedules, and many
other things. Teachers input data into such systems through grade book programs and
other teacher/administrator software. Teachers should also be able to use programs like
Microsoft Excel to organize data and merge files.

   •   Download the schools database file. Create mailing labels and form letters (3
       suffices) using the mail merge feature in Word. This will serve as a data file (also
       known as secondary file) when merging with a primary document to make form
       letters, mailing letters, or catalog entries. Include only representative samples
       from your merges.

                           Periodic Table of Elements

Atomic number: 1
Boiling Point:-252.87°C
Density:0.00008988 g/cm3

Name: Valerie Cannon
June 16, 20059:10 PM

Atomic number: 2
Boiling Point:-268.934°C
Density:0.0001787 g/cm3
Group:Noble Gas
Atomic number: 3
Boiling Point:1342°C
Density:0.53 g/cm3
Group:Alkali Metal
Atomic number: 4
Boiling Point:2472°C
Density:1.848 g/cm3
Group:Alkali Earth Metal

(3) Creating / Enhancing databases for your subject: Teachers use programs like
Excel to manage and organize large sets of data.

Create a new spreadsheet or a new worksheet in an existing database file. For example, if
you are a social studies teacher, you may wish to add a worksheet to one of the databases
designed for social studies teachers. Your worksheet should include a minimum of 10
records and 5 fields and should include an autofilter for easy record selection. Include a
printout of your new database in your portfolio, and the Excel file in your electronic
portfolio (if required by professor).

I want to be able to compare the list of native to non-native plants in LA and research
how they affect the success of native plants.

                                       annual sunflower
         2   native                                                                          Helian
                                         black sage
         4   native                                                                           Salv
         5   native                                                                           Ence

Name: Valerie Cannon
June 16, 20059:10 PM
                                     California buckwheat
          6   native                                                                                       Eriogonu
                                        California croton
          7   native                                                                                         Croto
                                       California sun cup

          8   native                                                               click for larger view    Camis
                                   California encelia / bush
          9   native                       sunflower                                                         Ence
                                    California sagebrush
         10   native                                                                                        Artemi
                                    cottonwood / Freemont
         13   native                      cottonwood                                                         Popul
                                          deer weed
         14   native                                                                                          Lotu


         Status        Common English Name           Photos from Upper Santa Ana River           Scientific Name
                          annual fescue
non-native/invasive                                                                                Vulpia myuros
                          annual sunflower
native                                                                                          Helianthus annuus
                         arundo / giant reed
non-native/invasive                                                                                Arundo donax
                             black sage
native                                                                                            Salvia mellifora
native                                                                                            Encelia farinosa
                        California buckwheat
native                                                                                        Eriogonum fasciculat
                          California croton
native                                                                                          Croton californicus
                          California sun cup

native                                                                click for larger view     Camissonia bistort
                       California encelia / bush
native                         sunflower                                                        Encelia californica
                        California sagebrush
native                                                                                         Artemisia californic
                             castor bean
non-native                                                                                      Ricinus communis
(4) Using web-based databases: A growing number of educational databases are

Name: Valerie Cannon
June 16, 20059:10 PM
available on the Internet. Teachers can use these databases without having to teach the
mechanics of a program like Excel.

   •   Use Nutritional Analysis Tool to develop a file that reflects your "normal" daily
       diet. Analyze your diet with respect to the United States Department of
       Agriculture's recommended daily allowances. Write a brief analysis of your diet,
       including histograms or tables. Write an assignment for a secondary school class
       (math, home economics, health etc.) which requires use of the database features
       of the Nutritional Analysis Tool, or Fast Food Facts. You may also wish to refer
       to the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory

   •   Write a lesson plan which requires students to analyze data using a database
       related to your subject: Social Studies: nations , exchange rates , distance, census

       •   Business: stocks & business
       •   Science: genetics, proteins, plants, earthquakes, air pollution, hurricanes,
       •   Health: health, nutrition
       •   Music: classical, iTunes
       •   Foreign language: foreign words, foreign dictionaries
       •   Mathematics: stocks
       •   Physical Education: sports
       •   Art: art
       •   English: public domain texts

Name: Valerie Cannon
June 16, 20059:10 PM


This is a very interesting website because it actually show the structure of each of the 46
chromosomes. I usually do an assignment where students research diseases linked to
nondisjunction. They have to find a disease, locate which chromosome is involved,
discuss crossing over, nondisjunction in general and particular to a specific disease. They

Name: Valerie Cannon
June 16, 20059:10 PM
also have to discuss the diagnosis, prognosis and effect that disorder has on the person
and their family. I would add a dimension which concerns the locus of the gene and
where nondisjunction occurs. With this data base. Students can speculate: what would
happen if #1 gene exchanged data with #3 gene. Would it result in a viable embryo or
would the embryo abort? Defend your answer.

I would also have students compare this website to the following:
Compare genetic information located on the same number chromosome in different
organisms. If nondisjunction occurred would the outcome in different organisms be the
same if the genes are the same?
 I didn’t want to copy the entire page.