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					Kaplan University
Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies

 Kaplan University Admission                                                    (563) 355-3500
    Toll Free                                                                   (800) 747-1035
 Kaplan University – Office of Financial Aid
    Chris Christopherson                                                        Ext. 2495
 Kaplan University – Office of Academic Services:
    Connie Bonne                                                                Ext. 2450
 Black Hawk College Education Transfer Advisor:
    Heather Holding                                                             (309) 796-5198

Transfer Facts:

      Black Hawk College students who graduate with an Associate in Arts, an Associate in Science or
    an Associate in Applied Science degree will be reviewed as a pre-qualified applicant for enrollment
    in a Kaplan University Advanced Start Bachelor of Science degree. Consistent with Kaplan
    University policy for students who have completed an Associate degree, Kaplan University will
    waive its admissions exam for Black Hawk College graduates. Proof of Associate degree
    completion will be required for final acceptance. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for
    admission to Kaplan University.

      Students who have not met the designated Kaplan University prerequisites will need to do so
    while attending Kaplan University. Coursework submitted for prerequisite credit must have a
    corresponding grade of C or better. Concurrent enrollment in prerequisites and bachelor level
    classes is allowed.

    Prerequisites for the Advanced Start Bachelor of Science Degree in Paralegal Studies:
    (Courses recommended for inclusion in completion of Associate Degree at Black Hawk
    College are listed below. Students must earn a minimum of a C grade in each of these

   KU Prerequisite:                                      BHC Equivalent:
 CM 220 Composition II                     ENG 102        Composition II
 MM 201 College Algebra                    MATH 108       Statistics for General Education or
         (or higher)                       MATH 112       College Algebra (or higher)
 PA 101   The Paralegal Profession         CRJU 151       Criminal Justice System or
                                           CRJU 101       Court Systems or
                                           POLS 252       State and Local Government or
                                           BL 201         Business Law I
 PA 110    Civil Litigation                CRJU 103        Prosecution or
                                           POLS 252       State and Local Government
 PA 130    Contracts
 PA 165    Intro to Torts
 PA 201    Intro to Legal Research         No Equivalent BHC Course

 PA 205    Intro to Legal Analysis and
 PA 230    Intro to Legal Technology
 PA 253    Legal Ethics                    BL 202         Business Law II

 Office Management Emphasis Prerequisite:
 200/300 Business/Management        200 Level BA Course

 Corporate Law Emphasis Prerequisites:
 100/200 Business Management
         Course                       100/200 level BA Course
 200/300   Business Management
          Course                          200 level    BA Course
 Family Law Emphasis Prerequisites:
 CJ 101 Intro to the Criminal Justice
         System                           CRJU 151     Criminal Justice System
 PA 250 Family Law

 Legal Technology Emphasis Prerequisites:
 100-level Computer Course           100/200 Level CS or CIP Course
 IT 153    Spreadsheet Applications
 IT 190    Computer Hardware &
          Operating Systems
 PA 230 Intro to Legal Technology

 Offered Fall only at BHC
 POLS 252 may be transferred for PA 101 or PA 110
 Offered every four semesters at BHC

Additional Emphasis Areas:
Office Management, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Personal Injury, Corporate Law
No additional prerequisites

Last Updated: 7/1/2008