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					SFE e-newsletter - Jan 08
One of the highlights of the Jan 08 issue of SFE e-newsletter features the                         SFE Recruitment
for FY08 and SFE Video.

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SFE Recrui tment for FY08

As part of our mission to make family life educ ation accessible to more people, we are expanding
the SFE family and is inviting SFE schools to join us in fostering strong and stable families. Do
help us spread the wonderful news to schools that are not yet on board the programme. Details of
the recruitment procedure can be found at

SFE Video

The SFE video offers a more succinct and engaging present ation of the programme and serves
as a useful marketing/informative tool for the SFE schools to show to parents especially during
the school orientation of new students. The service providers could also promote the SFE
programme to their target groups via the video.

We are in the final stage of the development and production of the SFE video

Parenting RAWKS!

Hey, come for a Cool, Hip and Fun Ride...Parenting RAWKS! Cool? Hip? Yes, parenting is all
that and lots more. You can take part in a range of interesting activities, talks and workshops and
be equipped with the knowledge and skills that can help to make your parenthood journey easier.

Parenting RAWKS! when romance stays alive bet ween the couples even after having children.
So take time out on 29 Jan to enjoy a romantic night out on a movie treat at The Cathay which
would be screening '27 Dresses', a romantic comedy staring Katherine Heigl, who has ma de a
career out of being a bridesmaid. To stand a chance to win a pair of the movie passes, send in
your best family photo by 16 Jan 2008 with your contact details to I Love Children, 27A Kampong
Bahru Road, Singapore 169351.
Wondering how much you'll need for your child's university education 18 years from now? Sign
up for the free financial talk 'Be Financially Ready to Send your Child to University ' on 19 Jan to
find out more.

To take part or find out more about other exciting programmes, please click here

The MCYS -support ed programme can be counted as part of SFE's family life education (FLE)
programme. Schools can tap on the SFE funds and include the FLE hours as part of the SFE

Marriage Seminar by Drs Tom & Beverly Rodgers: Healthy Communication That Makes
Love Last A Lifetime

Pick up practical tips on how to maintain a healthy communication in a marriage, you could attend
the Marriage Seminar by Drs Tom & Beverly Rodgers on 'Healthy Communication That Mak es
Love Last A Lifetime'.

To register for the seminar, visit eminar.htm

The MCYS -support ed programme can be counted as part of SFE's family life education (FLE)
programme. Schools can tap on the SFE funds and include the FLE hours as part of the SFE

Complimentary Programme

MCYS and Clarion Institute, once again, are offering 10 complimenta ry sessions for SFE schools.
Schools who are keen to participate in this promotion will need to commit an attendance of at
least 80 pax.

The duration of the programme is between 1. 5 – 2 hours, depending on the schools' needs.
Participants will also receive a FREE Personal Work-Life E ffectiveness (PWLE) Resource
Calendar and a PWLE Booklet to turbo-charge their work-life journey .
Do take this opportunity to bring quality work-life programmes to the staff and new parnets of your
Interested schools please cont act Ms Jolene K oh at email: or DID
6354 9849 or click here for more information about the programme.
Sign up now! Offer is valid till June 2008.

Coming up! Marriage Convention 2008

Whether you were married ages ago or tying the knot soon, Marriage Convention 2008 is a place
to go to learn a few secrets to building the marriage of a lifetime from humours and engaging
local and overseas marriage experts.

Look forward to engaging and insightful session with renowed marriage speakers who will show
you how you can have a great marriage.
A series of exciting and informative sessions in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil are available.
These seminars will feat ure distinguished marriage educators who will impart their knowledge
and insgihts on issues pertaining to marriage.

Marriage Convention 2008 is in celebration of We are Married! 2008 during the last week of
March 2008. So look out for more details in early March 08.

SFE Reimbursement

Wef April 07, the SFE reimbursements are processed on a monthly basis. The reimbursement
submission for SFE programmes and coordinator fees should reach MCYS within 15 days after
each month.

We want to thank all SFE partners for submitting the reimbursement wit hin the designated time
frame. For partners who encounters problem in meeting the deadline for submission, please
contact Li Ping at 6354 9847 or Idris Yeo at
6354 9872 for more enquiries.

Change of Service Provider/SFE coordinator and School Personnel

If schools or service providers undergo a change in personnel in charge of SFE, i.e., school
principal, HOD/teacher-in-change of SFE, service provider and coordinator, please inform MCYS
so that we may update our communication database accordingly. Please ensure there is proper
hand-over from existing service provider/coordinator to new service provider/coordinat or to
ensure a smooth transition of SFE work.


This article ' Show and Tell ' by Mr Philip Chang is extracted from Fathering Matters, contributed
by Centre for Fat hering Ltd

Since we now know children learn more by watching us than by listening to us, as parents we can
use this to our advantage to impart values and attitudes.

The most important thing I learnt from this fact is that: I do not need to be perfect and so I should
not expect my child to be perfect.

It amazes me how parents often pressure their children to excel in school when they thems elves
did not. Parents often tell me that they need their children to score in school so that they can go
to university, get a degree, get a good job and so have a good life. When I ask them whether they
knew this was so especially in the last economic down -turn, they would say no. In today’s world,
and tomorrow’s for that matter, having a degree no longer guarantees a good secure job. And
that is the truth. This is because there are simply too many graduates chasing too few jobs.

A university degree simply opens more doors. In tomorrow’s world, our children will need to be
more resilient and creative to stay ahead. How then do we teach our children such qualities? By
showing them that success is more about recovering from setbacks and about persistence built
on sound values.
When my son was discouraged by his school grades, I shared with him how I struggled wit h
Mandarin in school. I shared how one day I had to counsel a client using Mandarin and my clien t
had to correct my usage of Mandarin. At first I was embarrassed. But later I discovered that my
counselee had to have understood the issues involved in order to correct me. In that way, my
weak ness had in fact furthered the therapy work. I stopped being embarrassed about my poor
Mandarin and started to put more effort to learning the language afresh.

This story helped my son to see that failing does not make a failure mak e, as long as we keep
learning and growing. We learnt the meaning of that big word called “resilience”.

Pointers for Action
What life experiences can you share with your child, to help him/her with the struggles he/she is
facing right now?

To check out what is happening at Centre of Fathering at