Job Title_ Casting Director Intern

					Job Title: Casting Director Intern

Job Description:
      The Casting Director is responsible for gathering a number of actor candidates for
      a given role in a production. They will reads the script and meet with the
      producer, director and sometimes the writer, to get an idea of the "type" of person
      a given role calls for. Once a handful of hopefuls have been identified, the casting
      director then presents them to the Director, Producer or Executive of the project.
      They will meet with any number of individuals and begin narrowing down the

Primary Responsibilities:
    Working both independently and closely with Producers and Writer/Researchers.
    Responsible for organization and administration of casting calls and auditions
    Networking within Brock University and the Niagara Community (ex. Dramatic
       Arts Department, community theatre groups).
    Human Resources duties; must have excellent organization skills, precise
       attention to detail and a good memory.

Secondary Responsibilities
    Camera Operating - A basic understanding of how to operate a video camera
      (framing, focus, etc.) is an advantage.
    Must attend weekly Programming Meetings (when invited)

    Legally eligible to work in Canada
    Minimum of 18 years of age at time of employment
    Must be a Brock University Undergraduate Student at time of application
    Task oriented work ethic and independently motivated.
    Previous technical experience in video camera operation and video editing
    Strong organizational and communication skill sets.
    Team dedication and commitment.
    Ability to follow direction
    Mixture of both creative abilities and professional conduct is viewed as a strong
    Independent leadership skills and personal integrity are also an asset.
    A wide knowledge of cinema and actors. An interest in the theatre and stage
       actors is also a prerequisite.

    Cover letter & resume to

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