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					  Adam Hoeksema

Making Shopping
        Company Overview

Mission Statement: Provide a safe, fun, and
efficient shopping experience.
Children’s Paradise provides drop in child care at
large high end malls.
  Who will use Children’s Paradise?

                        Castleton Square Mall Market
                           12 million annual visitors
                           800,000 people in trade area
                           15th wealthiest county in the
Our target customer        country
base is wealthy,           18th fastest growing county in
urban, single child        the country
families, with a stay   Chinese Mall Market
                           Small family size (3.2 avg.)
at home parent.
                           6 of 10 world’s largest malls
                           Buying power
                                140 million (currently)
                                250 million (2010)
                                320 million (2015)
   Why use Children’s Paradise?

Problem                      Solution
  21% of Americans say          A safe, fun drop in child
  they go to a shopping         care facility right in the
  center at least once a        mall.
  week.                         Child no longer upset to
  In this high speed            go shopping, rather
  society when can you          asks to go shopping at
  find time to get away         mall with Children’s
  from the kids to go           Paradise.
  shopping?                     Parent shops quickly,
  Who wants to drag their       efficiently, and head
  kids along with them for      ache free.
  hours as they shop?
        Who is our Competition?

Direct Competition             Indirect Competition
    Kids Quest                     Other drop in day cares
       Drop in Child Care at       Full time Day cares
       Malls and Casinos
       20 casino locations
       1 mall location
           Mall of America
What are their problems?
       Expense of
       Mall of America
            -one time
        What Makes Us Special?

We bring the child care to you.
Check up booths or check in via cell phones.
Pagers given to parents with corresponding
barcodes that match their children’s wristband
Online application form for parent to bring to first
visit to expedite initial visit check in.
 How are we going to make money?

Price of regular care         Price of party rentals
    $8 dollars per hour for       $10 dollars per person
    7-12 year olds.               attending the party.
    $7 dollars per hour for       Unlimited games and
    3-6 year olds.                rental space come with
    Unlimited games once          price.
    you pay the flat price
    per hour.
           Will we make a profit?

Financial Assumptions
    Assume average rate of $7.50 per hour per child.
    Assume average of 40 children per operating hour.
    Assume two parties per night for 350 nights per year.
    Assume an average of 20 people per party.
    Assume a rate of $10 per person for parties.
What will the management team look

Someone with experience in a child care management
       Before Opening Day
Head of operations for second location. Must have a four
year degree in business management or accounting and 5
years of experience in business.
       Month 18
There will be a need for a member of management to
concentrate on getting a Children’s Paradise established in
China. Must have 5 years experience in international
       Month 24
Why invest with Children’s Paradise?

We need an initial investment of $200,000
   20% to 30% annual return rate
      payback period of 4 years
   Children’s Paradise
      An investor’s paradise?
          -A base hit company with homerun potential.

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