January Georgetown Community Council General Meeting Coliman Restaurant Meeting by sarob


									January 23, 2006

Georgetown Community Council- General Meeting

Coliman Restaurant

Meeting began at 7:05 pm, approximately.


•   Gazette: Due to a pricing issue at Kinko’s, the January Gazette has not been distributed. It should reach
    homes in the next few days.
•   “That was Georgetown” (book) is on sale for $10, $4 of that is earmarked for the Georgetown Community
•   Introduced the 2006 Board of Directors.
•   Thanked two “retiring” board members, Ladele Sines and Tom Knoblauch. Ladele served on the board in
    2005 and has been a longtime volunteer of our neighborhood. Tom has been a director for a number of
    years and has been a tremendous asset for Georgetown.
•   Robin found a watch while walking her dog. Please contact her if you lost one.
•   Drug residents along the Warsaw alley have finally left the area.
•   Film Festival (Super 8) project is on April 2nd. Cost is $26 per roll of black and white film. The deadline
    for entry is February 3rd. Potential for DVD sale. (Laura Wright)
•   Graffiti seems to be on the rise in the neighborhood. Please call it into the police and paint over it
•   January 28th is a Citizens Budget Conference being held at Seattle Center.
    LaFarge Smith Plant is seeking a permit to burn tires. On Tuesday (1/24) at 7:00 pm at the SPARC
    Building in South Park, there will be a citizens group meeting about monitoring air quality.

Committee updates:

•   Waste Station: (Robin)
    Council voted to oppose the location sited on Corgiat. The Council is in the process up putting an official
    response together and hopes to submit letters by next week to Mayor Nickels, Project Manager (Henry
    Friedman) and the City Councilmembers.

•   Strip Club Zoning: (Kathy)
    Mayor Nickels is proposing that all future strip clubs be within a 310-acre zone within SODO.
    Airport Way would be the boundary to the east of this zone. Last year, the City Council passed regulations
    from additional lighting, to the 4’ rule. The city feels these regulations will create an unfriendly business
    environment and should prevent clubs from opening. Opposition to these regulations gathered over 35,000
    to make this a referendum issue, meaning the voters will decide.

    Tom K. mentioned that the reason this area was chosen was because there are no parks and the clubs
    cannot be within a certain feet of parks. Lindsey also mentioned the sexual offender housing on Spokane
    and their board is against the proposed SODO zone.
•   City Hall: (Shannon via Robin)
    Shannon has been working with Mark Seacourt (Puget Sound Health Clinics) and no major changes to
    report. The renovation funds stayed within the City budget: this will allow us a small office and access to a
    larger space for meetings (holds 50).

•   Oxbow Park/ Hat ‘n Boots:
    No updates to report.

•   Gazette: (Robin)
    Difficulties for this month already mentioned. Articles are needed by the 15th of every month. Rachel S. is
    still Editor.

•   Website: (Brian)
    The recent Seattle PI article listed the website at the end of the article
    (www.georgetownneighborhood.com) and traffic has increased. Brian is going to look into obtaining email
    addresses for the officers (ie. President@georgetownneighborhood.com). BJ suggested we look into a
    listserv and we agreed. She said she already has one set-up through Yahoo Groups and it is ready to be
    activated. We also discussed having ads on the website in addition to the Gazette ads.

•   Greater Duwamish Community Council (Kathy)
    Council meets the fourth Wednesday of every month and anyone can attend. The last meeting was held in
    November and we discussed the direction the GDCC might head. We talked about the need for monthly
    meetings and about membership, perhaps trying to actively recruit more attendees. On average there are
    about five attendees (Beacon Hill-N and S, Georgetown and South Park).

•   Friends of Georgetown History (Joan)
    There’s a FOGH event on Saturday, February 4th at the old Mission Theater on Airport Way South. The
    event goes from noon to 4:00 pm. There will be oral histories and exhibits, a slideshow and an open house
    of the Old Forsyth Hotel. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

•   Guardians (Lindsay Palmer)
    Lindsay explained how to get the notifications of recent releases. You can sign up through the King
    County website. Currently there are 20 offenders under supervision at the Stevenson Apartments. The
    Guardians have adopted a street along E. Marginal and are responsible for the clean-up.

•   SW Precinct Advisory (Domingo)
    Each community is preparing its own ‘Emergency Preparedness Plan’ so each neighborhood must think of
    the pros and cons in case of a disaster. Ladele is assisting but they are looking for someone to head this
    committee. They had a questionnaire and are hoping to compile our neighborhood resources.
    The questionnaire is something we should include in future welcome packets.

•   Block Watch (Marianne)
    Marianne volunteered to assist with revitalizing the Block Watch. Benjamin Kinlow can come and talk
    with the neighborhood about how get this up and going. Responsibilities of a block captain include
    creating a phone tree.
•       Airport
        No report.

New Business:

•       Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition: (BJ and Cari)

        DRCC serves as the EPA advisory group for Georgetown. Slip 4 off of E. Marginal Way is listed as a hot
        spot for fast track clean-up. The first draft of the clean-up incorporated feedback from Georgetown. Next
        month, the EPA will give their input on the clean-up. Next month’s GCC meeting will end at 8:00 pm and
        a workshop on the clean-up efforts will immediately follow. An independent technical consultant will be
        on-hand for questions.

        On March 7th, the EPA will hold a formal, public hearing in Georgetown, possibly at the Georgetown
        This meeting is the official chance to speak and comment on process.

        8Th Avenue Access: (Cari)
        There will be a community design meeting held sometime in March. We’re in the investigative and
        feasibility phase. This is our chance to reclaim the park and voice concerns about changing the roadway,
        highlight safety issues and try for a crosswalk.

        Two restoration work parties re planned (3/11 and 4/22). The Aviation school is participating.

        Earth Day festivities will also showcase the 8th Ave. Gateway with Mayor Nickels and possibly the
        Governor attending.

    •     EPA- Toxic Release Inventory TRI (Robin)
          The EPA has proposed change to regulations that are now in place. This is relevant because the TRI was
          used to substantiate Georgetown’s pollution problems. Changes will raise the minimum limits that need
          to be recorded. TRI requires only the biggest releases be reported or large volumes of release. Proposal
          substantially raises that threshold. The change will also reduce the reporting annually to every two years.

          Robin passes out a letter from OMB Watch asking to oppose the change in regulations.

          Holly K. makes a motion to endorse the OMB letter, opposing raising the limits.
          Alan P. seconds the motion.
          A verbal vote is taken and the motion passes unanimously.

          BJ makes an announcement that on February 4th, from 9 am to 1 pm, there will be an environmental
          justice listening session at South Seattle Central College (Brock Conference Center).

    •     SW Department: introduction
          Jeff Durdin, supervisor at the SW precinct updates us that a replacement hasn’t officially been found for
          Ralph Wilson. He is hoping Darren Chin will be our new community representative.

          T21 club. The Joint Assessment Team (through Vice) has T21 on their list and made a visit in
          December. Many violations were found (not including noise issues). The noise ordinances of Seattle are
          confusing and the SW Precinct is conducting trainings about noise complaints. Police must first warn of
          the offense then if person does not comply, it becomes an arrest able offense.
Alan P. talked about T21 and the liquor board laws regarding food; T21 doesn’t have enough food
served and therefore is in violation. Club relying on food truck, where officers frequent. Truck
has KCC health permit but no permits from Liquor Board. Alan also mentioned that on two occasions
regarding T21 noise, police told him that they are limited because it is not a residential area.

Coliman announced they have karaoke on Friday evenings.

Meeting adjourn.

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