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Email Fax - Send Your Faxes Via Internet


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									Email Fax - Send Your Faxes Via Internet
Document faxing is without doubt one of the most essential and effective
communication among businesses. No matter you're working in a large
international cooperation or running some small business back in your
garage, chances are you need faxing services daily. Recent survey that
shows faxing is taking up a large portion in business phone bills further
proved the importance of the service in modern world.
However, faxing nowadays is not limited to manual faxing via conventional
facsimile machine. The rise of Internet connection speed (broadband)
offer a powerful alternative: Email fax. Email faxing, or sometimes known
as Internet faxing or online fax, is a powerful tool that enables its
users to send and receive faxes without a fax machine.
Why Email fax is growing its popularity fast?

If you ever owned a fax machine, you should be able to understand how
frustrating can be when fax machine breaks down. Papers jam, incomplete
transmission, unreasonable engage tone, and worst of all, the problem
that follows after the breakdown: expensive repair and maintenance cost.
While both technologies are meant for faxing, things look pretty
different in contrast with Email fax. The service is cheaper, more
reliable, and eliminates major problems, such as papers jam and
incomplete transmission, on conventional fax machine. Further break down
on Internet faxing advantages
Reliable services

Internet is the perfect way to send faxes because they don't have to be
sent in "real time" as a phone call does. It's usually not a problem if
it takes a few seconds longer to transmit so long as it gets there in a
reasonably short time and it is error free.
Eliminate cost of an extra phone line

Of the many advantages, your assigned fax number is active 24 hours a
day. In other words, you can accept faxes around the clock. Contrast this
with using a fax machine, which relies on your phone system being free to
accept a fax. For those that use one phone line for fax, telephone, and
dial-up, an Internet fax service is especially handy.
Low maintenance cost and easy file management

Email fax services save paper and fax toner, and offer more alternatives
on your fax management. All faxes are sent and received as softcopy –
where these files can be managed within your computer servers; or printed
by choice.
Ordering Internet faxing service online

There is plenty of Internet faxing services available online. eFax, Ring
Central, CallWave, MyFax, EasyFax - each service are meant for different
kind of needs. Some services are free of charge at all (eFax Free); some
only allow users to receive fax-in (CallWave); you might need to check
out more on each and be very clear about your needs. Some questions to
ask before you order the services:
How much fax-in do I receive every month?
How much fax-out do I send out every month?
Do I need a toll free number or local number instead?
Can my employee coupe with the new technology? (In case you’re business

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on Email fax services.
Article by Phil.

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