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									                                                     NAME ______________________________

                                   TOPIC: ___________________________________________

                      SCORECARD FOR WHITE ROSE ESSAY – 2008
1. Writing clearly and completely relates to the theme and illustrates the
relationship between causes and effects. Additionally, the larger context of the
Holocaust is clearly demonstrated. The paper is within the 1,200 word limit.

2. The first paragraph catches the reader’s attention and gives a context for the
Jewish child in hiding during the Holocaust. There is a controlling thesis evident
in the first paragraph.                                                              (10)______

3. Topic sentences are used throughout to provide unity.                             (10)______

4. A logical cause/effect order (or causal chain) is clear. Distinction is made
between immediate and long-term or ultimate effects on the child.

5. More than 6 points of evidence or quotations are used. Each source on the
bibliography page is cited in the paper. Pertinent factual information about the
child in hiding as well as the dilemmas and decisions is included. The quotations
and evidence are pertinent to the topic and serve as proof for the main points.
                                                                                     (15) _____

6. The tone is affective yet reasonable, and the word choice is varied. The
decisions and dilemmas of the child and his/her family are sincerely                 (10)______

7. Appropriate transitional words and phrases are used throughout the writing to
keep the relationships among the ideas clear (coherency).                            (5) ______

8. The conclusion includes include a sincere reflection upon the greatest
hardship faced by the child and an explanation of why. Be sure to reach
significance in the conclusion. (Part B).                                            (10)______
9. Bibliographic format is correct. At least five significant sources demonstrate
variety. No encyclopedias are included on the Works Cited page. Bonus points
will be rewarded for the inclusion of a Works Consulted and/or End Notes page.       (10)______
10. Mechanics: no spelling errors, pronoun reference errors, or grammatical
errors such as subject/verb number confusion are present. Sentences are correct in
form.                                                                                (10)______

                                                                            TOTAL (100)

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