Flash Memory Controller For Electronic Data Flash Card - Patent 7702831 by Patents-57


The invention relates to electronic data flash cards, more particularly to a system and method for controlling flash memory in an electronic data flash card.BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTIONConfidential data files are often stored in floppy disks or are delivered via networks that require passwords or that use encryption coding for security. Confidential documents are sent by adding safety seals and impressions during delivery. However, confidential data files and documents are exposed to the danger that the passwords, encryption codes, safety seals and impressions may be broken (deciphered), thereby resulting in unauthorized access to the confidential information.As flash memory technology becomes more advanced, flash memory is replacing traditional magnetic disks as storage media for mobile systems. Flash memory has significant advantages over floppy disks or magnetic hard disks such as having high-Gresistance and low power dissipation. Because of the smaller physical size of flash memory, they are also more conducive to mobile systems. Accordingly, the flash memory trend has been growing because of its compatibility with mobile systems andlow-power feature. However, advances in flash technology have created a greater variety of flash memory device types that vary for reasons of performance, cost and capacity. As such, a problem arises when mobile systems that are designed for one typeof flash memory are constructed using another, incompatible type of flash memory.New generation personal computer (PC) card technologies have been developed that combine flash memory with architecture that is compatible with the Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard. This has further fueled the flash memory trend because theUSB standard is easy to implement and is popular with PC users. In addition to replacing hard drives, flash memory is also replacing floppy disks because flash memory provides higher storage capacity and faster access speeds than floppy drives.However, the USB sta

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