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									Business Plan Executive Summary Review
                 5 Concrete Suggestions

 Objective: To prepare your business plan executive summary to be submitted to potential
 angel investors and venture capitalists.

 1. First I would suggest a different order of presentation for your executive summary. In my
 opinion the “opportunity” that your business venture has should be the first sentence in your
 executive summary. You want to grab the readers attention with something like the following:

 “US consumers (or worldwide consumers) spend X amount of dollars each year on X quality

 2. Secondly, I would like to see some headings for each paragraph. There are so many options
 for an executive summary outline and often one outline is better for loan proposals and
 another outline might be best for grant proposals. Here is an outline that I think would work
 well for your business:

        1. Opportunity
        2. Problem (Small farmers don’t have a profitable way to sell their products)
        3. Solution (How can you address that problem)
        4. Distinct Competency (What makes you Special)
        5. Customer Value
        6. Return on Investment/Exit Strategy/Loan Repayment (Depending on what the
        purpose of your executive summary is I would change this last section. If you want an
        investment you need to show the investor why they should invest, if you want a loan
        you should show the lender why you are not risky and how you will have the ability to
        pay back the loan.

 3. Most readers will not be familiar with your type of business so it would be good to explain,
 in a bit more detail, what you do. For instance, do you have a 300,000 square foot
 manufacturing facility or are you doing this in a garage. I would also suggest trying to find
 some data to show how big the market you are in is on a national or international scale.

 4. In general your summary is vague. If I am an investor or a lender I would want details. It is
 difficult because you want your executive summary to be relatively short, but you need to
 include some of the most important details to entice the reader to read the rest of your
 business plan. So for instance, you say a “relatively low capital expenditure”. Instead maybe
 you could give an exact number or you could say that your capital expenditure is
 approximately X percent lower than your competitors. Numbers that show your competitive
 advantage are important.
5. Finally, at the end of your executive summary you throw in a number of other things that your
company can do. First those items should probably be explained in more detail if they are significant
drivers of your business in terms of revenues. Secondly, you want to end with a bang. That is why I
would suggest the last paragraph to relate to how the investor or lender is going to benefit from
your business. For example, “with a $100,000 investment an investor can expect an X percent return
over X number of years.”

Thank you for your business and please feel free to contact me if you have any follow-up questions
about my suggestions or your executive summary. Best of Luck!

Adam Hoeksema
Founder & CEO - ExecutivePlan

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