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100% Bio Argan Product Catalog

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100% Bio Argan: Eco-certified Organic Products Products Catalog 2010

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            100% Bio Argan:
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                          OPUNTIA FLOWER
                                 (Opuntia ficus indica):

                                                    •	 Opuntia	 Flower,	 100	 %	 natural,	 is	 an	 effective	 anti-inflammatory	 that	 is	 used	 as	 a	
                                                       treatment	for	health	problems	such	as	those	related	to	the	urinary	system.	It	removes	
                                                       the	 uric	 acid,	 edema	 and	 prevents	 spasms	 in	 the	 visceral	 organs	 and	 in	 the	 blood	
                                                    •	 The	Opuntia	Flower	has	a	high	concentration	of	minerals	such	as:	Calcium,	Potassium,	
                                                       Iron,	Magnesium,	and	Zinc.	The	zinc	is	actually	vital	to	the	normal	functioning	of	the	
                                                       prostate	gland.	The	quantity	of	Zinc	in	the	Opuntia	Flower	is	0.5	mg	per100gr.
                                                    •	 Zinc	 was	 found	 to	 be	 highly	 absorbent	 of	 vitamins	 (mainly	 B-Complex).	 It	 is	 a	
                                                       component	in	about	25	different	enzymes	in	the	metabolism	and	it	is	one	of	the	insulin	
                                                       componentsessential	in	b,	uilding	the	nuclear	acids,	etc.
                                                    •	 On	 the	 level	 of	 the	 urinary	 system,	 recent	 scientific	 findings	 have	 proved	 that	 the	
                                                       Opuntia	Flower	is	highly	effective	in	treating	different	phenomena	of	Benign	Prostatic	
                                                       Hypertrophy	 (especially	 in	 males	 over	 the	 age	 of	 45),	 such	 as	 high	 urgency	 and	
                                                       frequency	 in	 urinating,	 a	 sensation	 of	 the	 need	 to	 urinate,	 dribbling	 at	 the	 end	 of	
                                                       urination,	and	the	feeling	of	a	need	to	urinate	mor	e	than	twice	during	one	night.

•	 In	 what	 concern	 women,	 it	 was	 found	 that	 the	 Opuntia	 Flower	 is	 very	 effective	 in	
   treating	pathologies	such	as	the	urgency	and	frequency	in	urinating,	loss	of	control	
   over	the	sphincters	and	recurring	inflammation	of	the	urinary	system.	As	a	matter	of	
   fact,	it	provides	better	control	of	the	function	of	the	urinary	system.
•	 In	order	to	confirm	the	variety	of	Opuntia	Flower’s	activities	on	the	urinary	system,	a	
   clinical	study	was	made	by	Dr.	Levin	at	the	Urological	Clinic	in	the	Soroka	Hospital	in	
   Beer	-	Sheva,	Palestine.
•	 His	study	involved	30	men,	who	had	suffered	from	different	disorders	on	the	level	of	
   the	 urinary	 systems	 as	 an	 outcome	 of	 Benign	 Prostatic	 Hypertrophy.	 Each	 man	 was	
   instructed	to	take	2	capsules	of	the	Opuntia	Flower	3	times	a	day	for	a	period	of	three	
•	 A	significant	improvement	was	detected	in	most	of	the	cases,	and	in	another	study	that	
   was	undertaken	at	the	Agricultural	Research	Center,	dozens	of	men	were	given	1	to	2	
   capsules	3	times	a	day	(each	capsule	contains	350	mg)	during	a	period	of	three	months.	
   The	majority	of	the	examined	cases	showed	a	substantial	improvement	in	the	urgency	
   to	urinate	and	the	need	to	urinate	a	number	of	times	during	the	same	night.	Moreover,	
   X-rays	that	were	taken	showed	a	definite	reduction	in	the	size	of	the	prosthetic	gland.	
   Since	 the	 time	 the	 Opuntia	 Flower	 was	 available	 on	 market	 for	 treating	 the	 urinary	
   system,	many	patients	have	showed	a	significant	improvement	in	the	function	of	the	
   urinary	system,	and	a	significant	overall	relief.

                                                                  Use Instructions:
                                    Put	10g	of	Opuntia	flower	into	1	liter	of	boiling	water,	let	the	infusion	for	
                                       15	minutes	and	then	start	filtering.	Drink	1	glass	three	times	a	day.

                                    Cardboard	box	containing	60	gr.	of	dried	Opuntia	flowers,	Certified	Bio
                                                             Cultivation and production:
                                                 Region	of	Ait	Baamran,	South	of	Morocco	(S.H)
                                                Nopal	 Cactus	 Powder	 helps	 fight	 against	 obesity	 as	 it	 absorbs	 fat	 and	 sugar,	 and	 has	 very	
                                                good	effects	on	digestion.
                                                Nopal	Cactus	Powder	has	a	very	high	nutritional	value	and	it	is	classified	by	scientists	as	low	
                                                Glycemic	index	(GI)	kind	of	food	with	a	GI	of	7	and	a	Glycemic	of	0.	Recent	medical	studies	
                                                have	also	indicated	that	the	regular	consumption	of	Nopal	helps	keep	a	healthy	cholesterol	
                                                level	and	support	healthy	blood	sugar	metabolism.	It	contains	very	important	quantities	of	
                                                Fiber,	Amino	Acids,	and	Niacin.	It	has	been	scientifically	proved	that	Niacin	is	able	to	convert	
                                                LDL	to	HDL	(bad	cholesterol	to	good	cholesterol);	the	thing	which	decreases	considerably	
                                                risks	of	hearth	diseases.
                                                Nopal	 is	 known	 for	 its	 high	 content	 of	 fiber,	 pectin	 and	 mucilage.	 It’s	 a	 natural	 appetite	
                                                suppressant	 and	 fat	 burner,	 an	 effective	 anti-inflammatory,	 and	 a	 blood	 sugar	 reducer.	 It	
                                                contributes	to	the	good	management	of	the	intestine	and	assimilates,	cholesterol,	glucose,	
                                                fat,	and	biliary	substances.

                                                                             NOPAL CACTUS POWEDER

                     Nopal Powder is recommended for:

                       •	   Prevention	and	treatment	of	gastrointestinal	problems
                       •	   Controls	the	cholesterol	level	s
                       •	   Obesity	and	diabetes
                       •	   Coronary	sicknesses
                       •	   Constipation
                       •	   Preventing	Colon	cancer
                       •	   Delays	arterioesclerosis
                       •	   Regulates	intestinal	flora	function
                       •	   Avoid	peptic	ulcers
                       •	   Reduces	stomach	acidity
                       •	   The	regular	consumption	of	NOPAL	prevents	gastric	cancer	as	it	is	rich	in	
                            oxalates,	potassium	and	vitamins	A	and	C.

The dehydrated Nopal powder (paddle) possesses several nutritional and synergistic properties due to:

18	amino	acids	among	which	there	are	8	essentials	that	contribute	to	the	body’s	detoxification	and	regeneration.
A	very	high	level	of	calcium	76,968	mg/g	(65	x	higher	than	in	milk)	that	can	consolidate	bones.
Phosphorus,	potassium,	selenium,	zinc,	copper,	iron,	chromium	that	act	as	a	synergy	to	reinforce	the	natural	metabolism.
Vegetable	dietary	fibers	and	mucilage	that	control	excess	gastric	acid	production	and	protect	the	gastrointestinal	mucus	membranes.
Chlorophyll	that	helps	cleaning	and	oxygenating	blood.
Vitamins	C,	B1,	B2,	and	B3.
Polysaccharides	including	4	that	are	identical	to	Goji,	able	to	regulate	and	stimulate	natural	defense.

This Dehydrated Nopal Powder could help in the following cases:
 Weight	loss:	it	helps	overcome	the	drawbacks	of	a	diet.
 “Appetite	suppressant”	effect.
 Regulating	the	bowel	movement
 •	   Reinforcing	the	digestive	system	and	protecting	the	stomach	and	intestines	gastritis,	colitis,	bloating…)
 •	   Prevention	of	acidity	and	remineralization.
 •	   Reduce	cholesterol	and	triglycerides.
 •	   Reinforcing	natural	defense.
 •	   Recent	scientific	studies	have	proven	the	multiple	benefits	of	the	Nopal	Powder.

                                                                  Use Instructions:
       2	to	3	coffee	spoons	at	least	½	hour	before	meals,	it	is	preferable	to	take	Nopal	with	a	yogurt	(Natural	yogurt	for	diabetic	people)
                                        Cardboard	box	containing	500	gr.	of	Nopal	Powder,	Certified	Bio
                                                            Cultivation and production:
                                            Region	of	Ait	Baamran,	South	of	Morocco	(Sahara	Cactus)
        Opuntia Flower
     Macerated in Argan oil

  Th e	 i n f u s i o n	 o f	 Opuntia 	flowers 	 in 	Argan 	oil 	is	used	
     to	 ex t ra c t	 o i l - s oluble 	ac tives 	in	Argan 	oil. 	I t ’s 	an	
   u l t ra n o u r i s h i n g	 produc t, 	especially 	for 	devitalized	
  a n d 	 t i re d	 s k i n	 t y pes.	I t 	helps 	regenerating 	 the 	most	
                             d evitalized 	sk in 	t ypes.

  Th e 	 o i l y 	 m a ce rate	with 	a	maximum 	concentration 	of	
                     f l avo n oids 	is 	mixed 	with 	a	base
                             o il	of 	organic 	 Argan.

As 	 a 	 re a l	 re v i t a l i z i ng	treatment, 	Argan 	oil 	protec ts 	 and	
re s to re s	 t h e	 hyd rolipidic 	film 	of 	the 	sk in. 	90% 	of 	Argan	
                        o i l 	 1 0% 	of 	Flowers 	macerate.

                            Use Instructions:
         After a shower, apply the macerate on a slightly damp skin.

               Bust treatment, elasticity and tone of the skin.
     Cardboard box containing a glass spray bottle of 50 ml, Certified Bio

                      Cultivation and production:
  For the Cactus: Region of Ait Baamran, South of Morocco (Sahara Cactus)
                   For Argan: Region of Ait Baha (EFAS)
                                                 Weight : 80 gr

Moisturizer, Protection
of face and body

                                                             sO       il:
                                                  SOAP Cactu
    Range of handmade soaps:
                                                 Weight : 80 gr
    Soap scrub with Argan oil and cactus seed

    Soap scrub, rich in essential fatty acids,
    used for these properties healing,
    nourishing and softening properties.

    Soap from Opuntia flower macerated in
    Argan oil. It is highly nourishing and has
    got a tightening effect due to the actives
    principles of barbarism flowers extracted
    through maceration.
    Moisturizing, soothing both face and body.    SOAP Opuntia
    Manufacturing Method:
                                                 Weight : 50 gr
    Handmade process: Products made by
    the group of women working for our
    partner S.H, the production techniques
    are conform to the Best Practices and
    the international standards; they were
    developed by SH with the assistance of
    German partners.

    Cultivation and production: (S.H)

                                                  SOAP Nopa
                                                         am poo
                                         Oi l Sh
                         Ar gan

The creamy and delicately perfumed foam of Argan organic shampoo
is nourishing and restorative.

A shampoo that is highly protective and extremely soft. This Argan
organic oil from EFAS is frequently used for all types of hair and
protects against limestone effects.

Once protected effectively against the drying effects of limestone, hair
regains its strength, shining, and flexibility.

Ingredients: Fresh shampoo with, as main ingredients, raw Argan oil
certified Bio.

Leave in hair for 1 to 2 minutes, no need to use a conditioner afterwards.
All Types of Hair

                                                           Packaging: Tube of 50 ml
                                                       Manufactured by: L .L.A (EFAS)
                                                Moisturizing Milk With Argan Oil

Action: The moisturizer, made with Argan Oil, Certified Bio, softens and balances
dry and dehydrated skin. With such a smooth and creamy texture, this moisturizing
milk protects and nourishes your skin.

Use: Apply immediately after a shower or bath so as to avoid the water drying effect
on your skin

Result: Your skin is covered with a subtle and shimmering veil. It becomes soft,
smooth and silky.

Packaging: Tube of 50 ml

Manufactured by: L .L.A (EFAS)
Entreprise Feminine Rurale
D’Economie Sociale

BP: 149, Ait Amira,
CP: 87052, Chtouka Ait Baha, Agadir, Maroc.
Tél.: + 212 674 510688
Web Site:
Web Shop:

I - Argan oil certified virgin BIO, taken at 100% of amendons Argan fruit of unroasted Cosmetic

    Packaging                      Packaging           PHOTOS
                                   Plastic bottle 5

                                   Plastic bottle 10

                                   Vial 30 ml;
                                   Vial 60 ml;
                                   Vial 90 ml;
                                   Vial 125 ml;
    Standard Vials, clear glass

                                   Vial 250 ml;
                                                  Vial 30 ml;
                                                  Vial 50 ml ;

    Improved Vials clear glass with spray
                                                  Vial 100 ml;

                                                  Vial 30 ml

    Improved Vials,
    plastic with spray,                           Vial 50 ml

                                                  Clear Glass
                                                  100 ml
                                                  Clear Glass
                                                  250 ml
    Improved Bottle Type Maraska, with glass
    stopper metal-on safety cap

                                                  Smoked Glass
                                                  250 ml

                                                  250 ml
                                                  500 ml

    Standard Vials plastic
                                                  1 litre

  Moisturize, protect, satin, tone, flavor or relax ...
  • It stabilizes cholesterol by reducing bad cholesterol and increasing levels of good cholesterol.
  • It reduces hypertension.
  • It has an anti-obesity by acting as an appetite suppressant (meals consumed in the morning)
  • It has a positive effect on liver function.
  • It neutralizes free radicals and protects the tissue.
  • The recovery and stimulates trade and cellular oxygenation by improving the quality of the intercellular cement.
  • It works against the dryness of the skin and the physiological aging of the skin (anti-wrinkle) restoring the film hydrolipidic
  and increasing nutrient inputs to the cells. Interest in schottenol contained in argan oil which would have anti-carcinogenic

II - Argan oil certified virgin BIO, taken at 100% of amendons fruit of Argan Roasted Culinary:
                                        Plastic bottle 5 liters

                                        Plastic Plastic bottle 10 liters

    Standard Vials, clear glass         Vial 250 ml
                                         Flacon en verre Claire de 100 ml
                                         Clear Glass 250 ml
                                         Smoked Glass 250 ml
    Improved Bottle Type Maraska,
    with glass stopper metal-on safety
                                         Clear Glass 500 ml

                                         500 ml

    Standard Vial, plastic
                                         1 litre

III - Day Cream with Argan Oil :

    Day Cream (Without Parabens)

    Night Cream (Without Parabens)

    Anti-wrinkle cream with argan oil ( without parabene)
       The treatment cream “COUNTRY Arg” to argan oil is a real anti-aging shield, which stimulates the natural defenses of
       the skin and protects against drying and physiological aging.
       Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids Omega 6 and vitamin E recommended antioxidants to prevent premature drying
       of the skin.
       The skin regains radiance, comfort, flexibility, softness and vitality.

       This cream is a bulwark against external aggressions. It protects, softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

       Apply morning and evening on face and neck thoroughly cleaned. Proceed gently with fingertips in upward motions from
       the middle of the face outwards from the face.

       It regenerates the skin and prevents against premature aging due to external aggression.

    60 ml.

    Major Ingredient: Argan Oil (Vitamin E + Omega 6),

    Ingredient of support:
    Water, oil, paraffin, glyceryl stearate, PEG100 stearate, sorbitol, glycerin cetyl alcohol, alcohol arachidylbehenyl, arachidyl
    glucoside DICAPRYLYL carbonate demitihocone, prunes dulcis, carbomer, triethanolamine, tetradibutyk pentaerithyrityl
    hydroxy hydrocinnamate,

    LABORATORY Designer:
    Laboratories (LLB)
IV - Hard soap enriched with argan oil :

      Soap 100 Gr

V – Beldi soap, made from waste :

                                                       BULK 5 Kg
      Beldi soap, made from waste of EUCALYPTUS
                                                       Pot 200 Gr
                                                       BULK 5 Kg

      Beldi soap, made from waste of’Olive Oil
                                                       Pot 200 Gr

      The soap Beldi remains a Mediterranean product of choice, simply because its production is linked to the production of
      olive oil ... It is then made from pulp of olive oil and soda plant.

      In Morocco the soap is used in the steam room, it melts the soap on the skin warm and humidified, the mass then rinsed.

      The soap is a flagship product of the hammam ritual, the soap is for the beauty secrets of the East backed by a tradition
      of care of the body in real high lifestyle. It is a gentle exfoliating natural rubber impurities from the skin, removes toxins
      and purifies the skin surface. The soap with soothing and softening properties. Once the scrub soap that you get rid of
      dead skin cells you will find a skin soft and silky.

VI - The black cumin oil, extracted 100% of seeds of Nigella

                                                       Plastic 5 litres
                                                       Plastic 10 litres

      Clear Glass                                      60 ml

    Properties :
      The black cumin seed is known in traditional Ayurvedic medicine of India with its oil called Kalinji. It was already a
      remedy under the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. It is called “habat al-Baraka (blessed seed) in Egypt, al-Kamoun in Libya,”
      al-qahta “in Yemen,” al-sânoudj “in Morocco and Algeria,” al-shounîz “in Iran and “Nigella sativa” in Latin.
      The black cumin oil is recommended because of its excellent properties for health, she returned to fashion after promising
      studies in the USA and Germany.
      Nigella oil contains many unsaturated fatty acids and poly-unsaturated acids such as linoleic and gamma linoleic, as well
      as vitamins and minerals. Nigella oil inhibits the oxidation of cell membranes by an anti-free radicals (anti-aging) and
      inhibits the formation of inflammatory molecules.
      It is therefore quite beneficial for the skin, and in particular to reduce inflammation caused by stress, pollution, disease
      or aging.
       Oil NIGELLE natural, pure, cold-pressed is not a medicine as such. She is active and helps to resolve some problems
       and it is used both as an internal remedy external use only.
       In cosmetics, it operates oil NIGELLE for its properties: calming, regenerating Vitalizing; Anti-inflammatory.
       The black cumin oil is particularly suitable for dry sensitive or irritated skin and is an excellent remedy in cases of skin
       infections include: Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema, psoriasis, burns, chapped, dermal fungi, Sunburn. The black cumin oil
       does not cause undesirable side effects.
       Fatty acid composition : Myristic: 0.5, palmitic: 13.7% Palmitoleic: 0.1%, Stearic: 2.6% Oleic: 23.7%, linoleic 57.9%,
       Linolenic: 0.2%, arachidic: 1.3%

VII - The oil of pear extract to 100% seed Prickly pears :

                                                           Plastic 5 litres
                                                           Plastic 10 litres

       Standard Vials, clear glass,                        30 ml

       Improved Vials, plastic with spray                  30 ml

       Improved Vials, clear glass with
                                                           30 ml
       spray SAHARA COCTUS, certified Bio

       Oil Prickly Pear is a very valuable oil and only very rarely obtained by cold pressing the seeds of Opuntia ficus indica.
       Its exceptionally rich in Vitamin E (approximately 1000 mg / kg) and sterols (about 10 g / kg) gives it an unusual ability
       to protect skin against free radicals.
       It also contains significant amounts of essential fatty acids, including lin-oleic acid (omega 6) and is therefore an excellent
       soothing and refreshing skin.
       This oil is an exceptional ally in the fight against aging skin.
       Its cost is very low yield of oil: there are only 5% of oil in the small seed.

        Anti-aging high-end creams, milks, serums, oils ...
        Care for very dry skin, hands, foot
        Hair Care for Dry Hair
        Providing comfort and softness to the skin, oil of prickly pear is applied daily. However, it is recommended that seed
        oil of prickly pear shall in no case be used as a tanning oil. It is preferable to use, for use in skin at night after her
        shower and before going to bed, to facilitate its absorption by the body at rest. Put on the areas to treat a thin layer
        of oil of prickly pear. A light massage around these areas will improve the penetration of oil.

IIX - Alloun natural stone, extracted from deposits of Moroccan origin. Déodorant efficace,
    100 % natural

    Pieces of stones, of various forms in nature   BULK per Kg

                                                   Pieces of stones of
    Pieces of stones, of various forms in nature   different weights (No

    Stone Alloun transformed into powder           Jars 200 Gr
     Presentation :
       The word means ALUM mineral substance used in dyeing and pharmacopoeia. In Arabic, he said cheb. The stone
       is an alum deodorant mineral and 100% natural. Its soothing properties, healing and anti-perspirants were already
       very popular in ancient Egypt. Today it is used to regulate transpiration, and to stop the bacteria responsible for the
       formation of bad odors. It is applied to damp skin on the body, including armpits, feet ... Easterns also use it to soothe
       razor burn and soothe irritations small

     The benefits of the alum stone :
         effectiveness unmatched even by larger heat
         100% natural without aluminum, fragrance and other conservative
         trace the product is transparent and truly leaves no trace, even on black clothes.
         Longevity: the alum stone can last for years
         incredibly low prices compared to conventional deodorants (which also bring harm to the environment!)
     Instructions for use :

       It can be used throughout the body where excessive sweating (armpits, forehead, hands, feet, private parts)
       It is slightly wet stone alum before use because your skin is dry. If it is already wet, we can apply

IX - Natural henna powder, produced by the traditional process, without addition of chemical

                                                      pots 150 Gr

       The leaves of henna, macerated into pulp, are used topically for color and hair treatment. They are anti-dandruff and
       heal wounds. They are also used against certain skin diseases, to alleviate the inflammation due to housework. It
       tightens the skin and protects against bacteria. Before the shampoo and soap exist, the Henna was used with the
       “Ghassoul” to clean and protect hair.

     Cosmetic & esthetic:
       It beautifies, cleanses and purifies the skin. It can also be applied to the hair dye, feet and hands. It is in Morocco to
       Algeria and Tunisia, the arsenal of feminine seduction, as signs (tattoos) on the hands or hair dyeing. According to
       laboratory analysis, it would have antifungal and astringent properties. Its flowers are used in perfumery.

X - GHASSOUL natural powder, organic certification

      BULK                                            BAG 25 Kg

      GHASSOUL natural Powder                         Pots 200 Gr

    Composition and physico-chemical
      Ghassoul and an all-natural mineral product composed mainly of stévensite is a clay mineral silicate of magnesia.
      Ghassoul is used in its natural form
    For hair care
      With its foaming qualities, and its safety features, Ghassoul is used for hair care products. It acts as a natural cleansing
      shampoo and degreaser hair and scalp without damaging the skin and the keratin fibers.
      Mix Ghassoul in warm water for a sort of sweet paste (a slurry), apply the mud in the wet hair from root to tip, massage
      for several minutes and rinse thoroughly.
     Ghassoul leaves hair soft and shiny.

    For body care
     Ghassoul diluted in warm water forms a pasty mud to apply as a poultice on the body, let it dry for a few minutes and
     rinse thoroughly. Ghassoul eliminates impurities and dead cells, you will get skin soft and silky.
    In masks:
     Ghassoul is used as a mask for the face.
     Ghassoul Mix with warm water to obtain a smooth paste (mud Ghassoul). Apply this paste on face, let dry 10 to 15 minutes
     and rinse well used Ghassoul absorbs the excess fat on the skin, removes impurities and particularly blackheads.

XI - Cake 100% natural Argan oil in paste format

                                        pots 200 Gr         Cake 100% natural Argan oil, put into pots (Best Natural Soap, rich).

XII - Hammam Gloves Kiss, fabric

      Hammam Gloves                         Range 1        Glove fabric handcrafted, and can last a long time .. years
      Hammam Gloves                         Range 2        In black fabric, made by machine.

      Hammam Gloves                         Range 3        First disposable after a few uses

XIII - Kohl natural powder

      Standard bottle glass clear, Frenchmade "Saint
                                                       45 Gr

XIV - Rosewater natural Kelaat M’gouna

      Vial color PET                              200 ml

XV - Natural water Orange Blossomr

      Vial color PET                              200 ml

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