Friday, Nov 17, 2006, 4:00-6:30 p.m.
                           University of Saint John, New Brunswick

Attendance: Keith De’Bell (Chair), David Richardson (Vice Chair), Roger Gordon (Past
Chair), Grant Gardner (Treasurer), Allan Britten (Member-at-Large), Alyre Chiasson
(Member-at-Large), Lois Whitehead (Executive Director)

Regrets: Keith Taylor (Member-at-Large)

1. Call to Order

Keith De’Bell called the meeting to order at 4:05 pm.

2. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved as circulated.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the April 28, 2006, Executive Meeting

        Moved (Richardson/Gordon) that the minutes of the April 28, 2006, meeting be
        approved as circulated. Carried.

4. Business Arising from the Minutes

Revised Institutional Fee Proposal

        Action: Executive will bring the proposal to Council for approval in

        Action: Executive will form a subgroup to further develop the data
        and provide concrete numbers to the Executive.
                Ad hoc committee: Allen, Grant; Keith De’Bell will ask Keith Taylor

        Action: For April 2007, the ad hoc committee will present two plans
        to Council: the annual fee increase using the current method, and the
        fee increase with the proposed differential fee process.

APICS Executive Meeting Minutes                                              Page 1 of 4
November 17, 2006                        DRAFT
5. Financial Report (Grant Gardner)

i) Status of 2005-06 Audit: Grant summarized the setbacks delaying completion of the 2005-
06 audit. A new accountant has been retained.

        Action: Lois will work with new accountant to create an accurate set
        of books.

        Action: Lois will file the annual financial statement with Revenue
        Canada prior to our extended deadline of January 26, 2007.

        Action: Audited statements will be circulated to Council
        electronically once completed.
ii) Current year Financial Picture: Although statements were not available, Lois reported that
the budget has been adhered to, with the majority of membership fees received and no
unforeseen expenses to date.

        Action: After the 2005-06 Audit has been completed, the current
        year books will be brought up to date.

6. Fund Raising and Communications Report (Keith De’Bell)

i) Science Communication Awards: Although we do not have a sponsor, it was felt that the
awards provide value to APICS. Executive approved an additional 10 hours (approximately
$250) of student salary to update materials and complete a call for nominations.

        Action: Executive will recommend to Council that the awards be
        continued for 2006-2007.

        Action: Staff will initiate a call for nominations.

        Action: ________ will approach NSERC Atlantic regarding funding
        for the awards.

ii) 45th Anniversary of APICS: Lois investigated coordinating a celebration but it was
determined that the costs and staff time required were prohibitive.

        Action: Keith will bring forward the idea of a student competition
        for a 45th anniversary logo to the Chairs’ Breakfast meeting.
It was noted that it is not too soon to start thinking about how to celebrate APICS 50th
anniversary in 2012.

APICS Executive Meeting Minutes                                                   Page 2 of 4
November 17, 2006                        DRAFT
iii) YEC Program: Fund raising for the YEC Program met the costs for the summer
internship program with a surplus of approximately $6,000 at Sept. 30, 2006.

iv) Beaker Fund: The Beaker Fund has not been promoted as effort has been focused on the
YEC Program and thus there have been no donations this year. Discussion ensued regarding
developing a purpose for the fund that would be appealing to donors.

        Action: Executive will ask Council how the Beaker Fund should be
v) FRC Committee: The FRCC has met once this year. The committee has been inactive due
to concentration at the staff level on YEC fund raising. The committee needs direction from
Council regarding priorities to move forward.

        Action: Executive will seek additional members at the Council

7. Executive Director’s Report (Lois Whitehead)

i) Staff/Member Capacity: Lois referred to two reports she prepared, “Human Resources
Recommendations” and “Maximizing APICS Effectiveness” (previously distributed). In
summary, both staff and members have limited capacity in carrying out APICS activities and
there is a need to evaluate and prioritize.

        Action: These issues will be discussed under item 10, “Where do we
        go from here?”
ii) YEC Program: 13 placements (100%) were completed successfully. Three goals for this
year were addressed with moderate improvement: communication with mentors, fund raising,
and Ambassadors of Science training and implementation. Staffing has been the main issue
in running the program; hiring summer students was inadequate and there is currently no
coordinator to provide support for intern presentations or ongoing planning and fund raising.

Discussion ensued regarding the lack of a feasible business plan for YEC. Allen Britten
reported on his meeting with the NSERC PromoScience program officer in Ottawa regarding
presenting a different scenario of how to use the last year of our grant.

        Action: Executive will recommend to Council termination of the
        YEC Program due to financial constraints and cancellation of year
        three of the PromoScience grant.

8. Executive Committee Membership

ii) Vice Chair: David Richardson will complete his last term before retirement in April 2007.

APICS Executive Meeting Minutes                                                Page 3 of 4
November 17, 2006                       DRAFT
        Action: David will approach identified members in sequence to join
        Executive in April 2007.
ii) Member-at-Large: Alyre Chiasson finishes his term at this meeting.

        Action: Executive will seek approval from Council to extend Alyre’s
        term for 1.5 more years, to April 2008.

        Action: Executive will recommend to Council that, for continuity, all
        terms begin in April.

9. Report on Stan Conference
Allen Britten reported on the value and content of the STAN Conference and circulated a list
of attendees.

        Action: Allen will provide the list of attendees to Lois.

10. “Where do we go from here?”
It was agreed that significant time is needed to assess how APICS works and what can be
done with the resources available.

It was further agreed that the Executive needs to work with the Executive Director to plan a
yearly work plan and identify priorities, both at the Council and Committee levels.

It was also suggested that each Executive member become a liaison with one or two
committees to increase effective communication.

        Action: Keith De’Bell will arrange a teleconference call in December
        and a possible face-to-face meeting in the new year.

11. Adjournment

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

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November 17, 2006                       DRAFT

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