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					                        PLANNING COMMISSION MINUTES                              Dec. 5, 2006

                          Members Present:                         Members Absent:
                          Chairman Donald Parker                   Ken Hamlington
                          Vice Chair John Albertson                John Flynn
                          Tom Burkholder
                          Ronne Lindsay
                          Dan Drinkwater

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 P.M. by Chairman Parker.

J. Melvin Dick, Lake County Commissioner, stated “I appreciate the Planning Commission
calling this special hearing.” He explained that four years ago when he came into office his
priority was to update, not necessary reorganize, committees. He wanted to bring them into
compliance with some sort of order. He wanted committees to be updated and membership
tracked to help increase attendance and participation. Lisa (Bowler) in her former position had
volunteered to track and create some order of the operating committees. As things turned out the
Planning Commission was left to last. He stated “in my last few months I am trying to get the
things that I had started done. The Planning Commission is the project that tops my list because I
think it is that important. You hear from the public and have a certain direction with people
regarding their livelihoods, futures, and dreams. The Planning Commission is going to have to
stand up to an increasing public scrutiny.”

He continued by stating “I think terms, appointments and findings must be adhered to. You have
certain rules, regulations and laws that you must adhere to.” He provided the Planning
Commission members with a copy of pertinent Oregon Revised Statutes regarding the Planning
Commission members, terms, etc.

Mr. Dick stated “I know that you know more about Planning Commission than I do but we need,
on occasion, to be reminded of the regulations that are in place and maybe a new direction that
we may need to take.” He explained that the last advertisement for interested parties wishing to
serve on the Planning Commission stated that they must reside outside of incorporated cities.
However, that is not a law, it is simply a preferred norm in this State. Incorporated cities have
some sort of Planning Commission and their members must reside in the incorporated city limits.

He stated “because I am going to be leaving office next month, I recommend to you and to Lisa
as the Planning Director that you keep on top of terms and dates of appointment of the Planning
Commission members, and that you keep the Board of Commissioners informed of your
activities and decisions.”

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A draft copy of Planning Commission bylaws was provided to those present. Mr. Dick asked
that the members review the draft copy and, once they agree, make a recommendation to the
Board of Commissioners for formal adoption. The bylaws were adopted in 1982.

Discussion ensued regarding the length of time each member has been on the Planning
Commission, that being: John Flynn - 22 years, Don Parker - 20 years, Ronne Lindsay (before
being replaced) - 12 years, John Albertson - 7 years, Ken Hamlington - 7 years, Tom Burkholder
- 2 years, and Dan Drinkwater - 2 months.

Discussion also ensued regarding the “preferred norm” of not appointing people to the Planning
Commission that live within incorporated city limits. Tom Burkholder stated “I doubt if any
Planning Commission of any County would be restricted to just people outside incorporated city
limits.” Dan Drinkwater stated “the decisions we would be making only affect people outside of
city limits.”

Tom Burkholder asked “what are we going to do about Ronne (Lindsay)?”

Melvin Dick explained that a motion was made and passed to appoint Mr. Young to that seat
effective January 1, 2007. He stated “if we are going to use the preference of city limits that
would put Ronne inside the City. When we appointed Ken Hamlington he lived in Fort Rock.
Ronne was over the term limits. She was one of the three that were over the term limit. Don
Parker is still Chairman and John Flynn is Vice-Chair. This was not a witch hunt. I think that all
three need to be switched out but it doesn’t have to be within six months. I think it can be
staggered, but it needs to be worked on.”

John Albertson stated “the timing of this thing is what caught us by surprise. Was this even on
the agenda?”

Mr. Dick responded “yes it was.”

Mr. Albertson stated “Ronne is one of the representatives from the North end (of the County).
She knows the people and the land.”

Mr. Dick explained that he may have done things differently but he had been thinking about
working on the Planning Commission membership for four years. He stated “I will apologize for
my oversight, it wasn’t meant to blind-side anybody. I thought everybody knew as much as I did
about it.”

Mr. Burkholder asked “would you entertain a thought of reversing that decision?”

Mr. Dick responded “I wouldn’t have a problem with it if you have a plan to phase everybody
that are over term limits out. We have appointed Mr. Young. I don’t want a complete new
Planning Commission. That is why we have terms. We have received seven letters of interest

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with three of those being from North Lake County. We used to suffer from lack of interest but
now seem to have interest.”

Ronne Lindsay stated “being replaced is not the huge deal, but to take away one of the North
Lake County representatives is. Two-thirds of applications are in North Lake County. To have
the majority (of membership) coming from Lakeview is wrong.”

John Albertson stated “I do feel strongly about the North end of the County. Since my term is
almost up can I suggest that you replace me with Mr. Young and put Ronne (Lindsay) back on
and then replace her with someone from the North end?”

Bert Young stated “I have no objections of bowing out to keep this going and when term limits
are up resubmit my application.”

Melvin Dick stated “I admire you people, it is more like a jail sentence in some respect. You
have served for a very long time on this thing. You need some new (members) together with old
(members). It just happens that three members were over the term limits and I just made a
recommendation. Nothing else factored into this.”

Tom Burkholder asked for an explanation why, even though he requested an agenda item before
the Board of Commission on December 6, 2006, he was placed on the agenda. Melvin explained
that County Counsel thought it was a matter for public comment. Anyone can come before the
Board during public comment.

Dan Drinkwater stated “it is in the current bylaws that there is a two consecutive term limit. I
think they did what could be done. I agree that somehow it needs to be staggered.”

Upon motion by Commissioner Albertson, seconded by Commissioner Drinkwater, and
carried unanimously; the Lake County Planning Commission hereby directs Lisa Bowler,
Planning Director to appear before the Lake County Board of Commissioners at its
meeting of December 6, 2006 to recommend on behalf of the Planning Commission that
Ronne Lindsay be appointed to Planning Commissioner John Albertson’s seat for the
remainder of his term, that being October 2007, and that this item be placed on the Board
of Commissioner’s December 20, 2006 agenda. Mr. Albertson’s resignation is contingent
upon the appointment of Ms. Lindsay.

There being nothing further to come before the Planning Commission, the meeting adjourned at
6:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa D. Bowler
Planning Director

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