Audit Process Data by tauben


									Step                                                         Approval Personnel Start Date
Authorize start of Audit                                                        June 6th
Prepare Audit Guide                                                             June 6th
Approve Audit Guide                                                             June 16th
Prepare Announcement of Audit and Kick Off Meeting                              June 18th
Execute Audit                                                                   June 25th
Evaluate Control Environment and Develop Issues                                 July 25th
Prepare Draft Audit Report                                                      July 30th
Collect Comments and Update Report Prepare Closing Meeting                      August 1st
Collect Comments and Update Report
Close and Archive Audit Documentation                                           August 7th
Issue Audit Report                                                              August 10th
Audit Announcement and Kick Off Meeting                                         June 20th
Discuss and Validate Audit Guide (optional)
Discuss and Validate Issuance (optional)
Review Draft Audit Reports                                                      August 11th
Audit Report Issuance                                                           August 16th
Review Draft Audit Report                                                       August 11th
Review Draft Audit Report and Closing Meeting                                   August 28th
Review Audit Report and Sign Issuance Clearance Form                            September 1st
End Date     Duration   Resource Comments Attached Document   Document Name
June 6th     1d                                  FALSE
June 16th    10 d                                FALSE
June 16th    1d                                  TRUE         Audit Guide.doc
June 19th    2d                                  TRUE         Audit Kick Off.pdf
July 25th    30 d                                FALSE
July 28th    4d                                  FALSE
July 30th    1d                                  FALSE
August 5th   5d                                  FALSE
August 7th   1d                                  FALSE
             1d                                  TRUE         Audit Report.doc
June 20th    1d                                  FALSE
August 15th 4 d                                  FALSE
August 16th 1 d                                  FALSE
August 15th 4 d                                  FALSE
August 28th 1 d                                  FALSE
September 1st d                                  TRUE         Issuance Clearance Form.doc

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