OCTOBER 4, 2006

Welcome to the first meeting of the 2006/07 school year.

In attendance: Lucy Haines, Sarah Kelly, Serena Shaw, Marina Lotoski, Lauren Gannon,
Maria Cuciz, Heather Langenhahn, Diana Groten, Ruth-Ann Burak, Barbara Pacholok,
Jodi Perott, Dana Birch, Jennifer Luzia, Trina Goselwitz, Rosaleen McEvoy, Mary
Bazzarelli, Laurie Campbell, Tammy Riedlhuber

   1. Sarah Kelly -call to order 7:16 pm.
   2. Prayer- Maria Cuciz, Welcome- Sarah Kelly
   3. Introductions
   4. Minutes: Amendment to the agenda- Family Dance is scheduled for February 1,
   5. Committee Reports:
          i) Administration
             a. Friday envelopes: distributed last Friday, September 29th.
             b. Staffing update: New grade 4 classroom taught by Sharmayne Seal.
                 Ryan Plamondon-full time grade 3. Beginning October 11th, Laurie-
                 Ann Delisle will be teaching 0.4 FTE, providing LA and Math
                 instruction to small groups of students from Grades 2, 4, and 5, and
                 providing learning opportunities to a group of students with Autism
                 Spectrum Disorder. An additional TA has been hired to support this
             c. Survey Results: Less than 80% satisfaction on two items. The first
                 being ‘substance abuse awareness.’ The second being ‘student
                 behaviour-transition time’ (moving through the hallways). Staff
                 discussed and are considering ways to improve these two areas.
                  Lauren also talked about staff morale with needs increasing and
                  staffing decreasing. Increased loads and additional cutbacks. Staff is
                  staying positive and discussing ways to show appreciation and support
                  to one another.
             d. District Report Card: Lauren will bring a sample to the next meeting.

         ii)    Trustee –Summary of Three-Year Education Plan for Greater St. Albert
                Catholic Regional Division No.29. Hand out was given.
                 Congratulations to admin/staff for dealing with budget cutbacks. There
                 is a balanced budget for 2006/07. Deficit payback over 3 years.
                 Board received extra funding-centralized for “hot spots” in schools to
                 reduce class size. Will hire additional ten teachers. The following
                 allocations were approved- $91,000-estimated for special needs &
                 $72,000 for transportation funding. Funds have been transferred from
                 the maintenance budget to reduce deficit.
                 New 3 Year AISI (Alberta Initiative for School Improvement) Plan-
           Assessment for Learning & High School
           completion. The Oblates (Order of Priests) are working with Junior
           High Schools to enrich faith experiences.
               Provincial Achievement- GSACRD Improvement-up 13% in meeting
               Standard of Excellence-up 20% higher than provincial average, 96%
               meeting Acceptable Standard. Results will be presented at a public
               meeting in Morinville on October 16/07. A stakeholders meeting will
               Held on October 30th to discuss challenges, ideas and thoughts on
               The Board is approaching the Leisure Centre about possible free
               entrance for children during school hours.

     iii)    Chairperson

             a. Sarah Kelly welcomed everyone to the meeting.
             b. Goals for the year: Discussed possible ideas for attracting families to
                VG. Discussion on increasing enrollment such as testimonials and
                signs. Possible sub-committee may form to continue brainstorming.
             c. Parking: Some confusion still exists among parents as to where they
                may park. All of back parking lot is designated for staff for VG and
                St. Gabriels. Parking will continue to be difficult as school was
                designed at a time when most students walked or bussed to school.
                This is an issue all schools are facing.
            d. Volunteer Sign-up: 2 people signed up for the dance committee. Not
                 as many people signed up for the Care & Share program this year.
            e. School Patrol Safety: Some confusion about the new signals used by
                children. There was discussion and Lauren demonstrated the student
                signals for the council. Will extend placement of pylons to help
                parents to know where NOT to park.
            f. School photos: This is the school’s last year of contract with Jostens.
                A sub-committee was formed to look at new options such as
                SDI and Icon.

     iv)     Friends of VG- Laurie reminded the council of the casino on October
             30th and 31st. Need more people to volunteer. Grandparents, aunts,
             uncles, all are welcome. How will we spend the money? Replacement
             of playground, increasing enrollment are options. ‘Friends of VG’ are
             looking for more volunteers to join their group on Thursdays at 1:30pm
             in the school staff room
     v)      Family Dance- Scheduled for February 1st. Still looking for more
             volunteers to help out.
     vi)     Church Liaison- Mary told us about the Church promoting a presence
             of Catholicism in our three schools Neil M. Ross, MP and VG. HFP is
             in need of alter servers from 4-6pm for the Saturday 5pm mass. They
             are also looking for adults to assist with the children’s liturgy at the
             Sunday 6pm mass.

6. New Business:
     a. Tammy talked to the council about Campbell Soup label collection for
         redemption and to build a sense of community. Letter will be going
         home describing project and redemption values, etc.
7. Adjournment at 9:18pm.

               Next meeting-Wednesday, November 1, 2006

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