Noun Clause Exercises by wuyunyi


									                                    Noun Clause Exercises

Exercise A: Copy the noun clauses in these sentences. Underline the subject once and the verb
            twice. Tell how the clause is used.

1. Now I understand why you left early.
2. Patrice explained how yogurt is made.
3. St. Louis is where ice cream cones were first sold.
4. The problem is that the battery is dead.
5. You can make a scarf from whatever fabric is left.
6. What the audience wanted was another encore.
7. There will be enough food for whomever you invite.
8. Whoever made that statement does not know the facts.
9. Mickie starts a conversation with whoever sits next to her.
10. We all wondered where the magician learned her tricks.

Exercise B: Follow the directions for Exercise A.

1. The manager promised that she would look for my jacket.
2. Hal asked why the game had been delayed.
3. How the pyramids were built is a fascinating story.
4. Alex said that high ozone levels give him headaches.
5. I wonder who lost this watch.
6. Whenever you must leave, just let me know.
7. Ken thinks that he has the winning ticket.
8. The only solution is that we raise the funds ourselves.
9. The minister spends her time with whoever needs it.
10. What the neighbors will think bothers him too much.

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