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									Regulations of Far East University for Foreign
               Student Admission (2009)

Address: Far East University
NO.49, Chung Hua Rd., Hsin-Shih, Tainan County 744, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL: 06-5979566 ext. 7281 (International Exchange & Education Center)


I.   Departments, Number of Students Allowed, and

     Methods of Selection

II. Qualification

III. Duration and Methods of Application, and Mail


IV. Publication of Enrollee

V. Scholarships

VI. Enrollment

VII. Others

VIII. Publication of General Regulations


               Item                                Date

                                              From 2/25/2009
    Publication of General
                                        (On the Registering Center

                                             From 3/10/2009

   Duration for Application                         to


   Publication of Enrollee                      6/26/2009

             Qualification, Procedures for Application, Publication for
             Enrollee, etc.
             Please call 06-5979566 ext. 7281,
             International Exchange & Education Center or
Points of

              Admission, Check in, Registration, etc.
              Please call 06-5979566 ext. 7005, Registering Center.

     Regulations of Far East University for
          Foreign Student Admission (2009)
I. Departments, Number of Students Allowed, and Methods of Selection

              Departments and Number of Students Allowed
 Degree            College                 Department                Number

                                            Mechanical Engineering     8
                                            Computer Application
             Electrical Engineering &
                                            Electrical Engineering     3
                Computer Science
                                                Innovation and
            Commerce & Management                                      3
                                             Computer Science &
                                                Information            13

             Electrical Engineering &       Electrical Engineering     13
                Computer Science
                                            Electronic Engineering     13

Bachelor                                         Mechanical
 ( 4-year                                                              13
                                            Automation & Control
                                            Computer Application
                  Engineering                                          13
                                              Material Science &

                                              Energy Application

               Departments and Number of Students Allowed
 Degree             College                 Department              Number
                                          Marketing & Logistics
             Commerce & Management                                     13
                                           Information System
                                          Digital Media Design &
 Bachelor                                     Innovation and
  ( 4-year                                   Entrepreneurship
 program)                                   Food & Beverage
                                          Cosmetic Applications
                                            & Management
                 Human Ecology
                                            Leisure and Sports

                                          Tourism Management           9

 Bachelor    Commerce & Management                                     16
                                           Information System
  ( 2-year
 program)                                   Food & Beverage
                 Human Ecology                                         16

Methods of Selection

1. Every department enrolls new students by itself. The examinees can apply
   to only one department.
2. Examination in data of writing form. The top mark is 100. The other items
   and their percentages are as follows:
    (1) The percentage for grade point average is 30%. (The grading for a
        bachelor’s degree is based on the grades in senior high school (4-year
        program) or junior college (2-year program); the one for a master’s
        degree is for those from a university.)
    (2) The percentage for the autobiographies in Chinese and English is 20%.
       (Including past learning experience and other descriptions related to
       extracurricular activities.)
   (3) The percentage for the study plans in Chinese and English is 20%.
   (4) The percentage for the certification for Mandarin is 20%. (Including
       related tests for Mandarin literacy, competition for Mandarin, courses in
       Mandarin, or other experience related to improving Mandarin literacy.)
   (5) The percentage for the letter of recommendation and other data is 10%.

※ All foreign students in our school should study with students of our school,
  so every foreign student should be equipped with the basic Mandarin
  abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing. If students passing the
  examination stage have to improve their Mandarin, the departments should
  manage to make students at their own cost take the Mandarin learning
  courses set by the Language Center.

II. Qualification
Regulations of Identity:
Foreign students must not be overseas compatriot students and not possess
the ROC nationality. (Students who were originally of ROC nationality can not
apply according to the permission of the Ministry of Interior unless they have
had a foreign nationality for at least eight years. Students from PROC, Hong
Kong and Macao must obey the related regulations of the Ministry of

Regulations of Educational Background:
1. Application for Bachelors (4-year program):
  Have graduated from foreign senior high school, or from the affiliated
  bilingual department of senior high school in Taiwan.
2. Application for Bachelors (2-year program):
  Have graduated from foreign junior college, community college, or from the
  junior college in Taiwan.
3. Application for Masters:
  Have graduated from a domestic university, or from a foreign university
  recognized by the Ministry of Education, and have gotten a bachelor

III. Duration and Methods of Application, and Mailing Address
1. Duration of Application
   From 3/10/2009 to 6/15/2009.

2. Methods of Application
   By mail (postmarked), or apply personally within office hours of the
   application period (Mon. to Fri. 0900 AM to 1200PM, and 0100PM to 0400
   The applicants should send the following documents to the Center of
   International Exchange & Education. (If not qualified, the students’
   documents will not be returned and the students should not apply again.)
   (1) One application form (shown in appendix 1, please attach a one-inch
       bust photograph) and one photocopy of passport.
       One copy of the highest degree obtained of the original diploma
       (notarized), with an English or Chinese translation attached. Graduating
       students should hand in these documents after enrolling. Otherwise, the
       admission qualification will be canceled.
   (2) The applicants for a 4-year bachelor degree should send their diploma
        of senior high school, the applicants for a 2-year bachelor degree
        should send their diploma of junior college, and the applicants for a
        master degree should send their college diploma.
   (3) One copy of an official transcript of academic records (notarized and
        sealed with steel seal).
   (4) The applicants for a bachelor’s degree should send one copy of official
        transcript of academic records in senior high school (4-year program)
        or junior college (2-year program), and the applicants for master
        should enclose one copy of an official transcript of academic records
        from their college.
   (5) One copy of Chinese or English autobiography (300 words or so).
   (6) One copy of Chinese or English study plan (300~500 words).
   (7) Certification for Mandarin.
   (8) Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English (only for Master’s
        program applicants).
   (9) A financial statement (the funds provided should sufficiently support
       your study in Taiwan).

3. Mail Address: Recruitment Committee for Foreign Student Admission,
   NO.49, Chung Hua Rd., Hsin-Shih. Tainan County 744, Taiwan, R.O.C.

IV. Publication of Enrollee
2009 / 06 / 26. The name list will be announced on the web page of Far East
University ( and the school will notify the students who
have passed the exam.

V. Scholarships
(1) Free accommodation is provided for foreign students in first and third
     student dormitory during the regular academic years.
(2) Tuition for the first semester of the first academic year will be waived
(3) Tuition for other semester in the regular academic years can be waived
     totally or partially on the basis of student’s academic performance and
     conduct merit.

VI. Enrollment
(1) Students need to submit the transcripts and diploma from their High school
    to the registrar office, and submit documents for health insurance and
    medical and injury Insurance. Students without any health (or medical)
    insurance shall pay the insurance fee at the time of registration.
(2) Tuition fees for each semester in the 2009-10 academic year is about
    44,820 N.T. dollars to 51,450 N.T. dollars (approx. US$1,350 -$1,650).
    Please look through the website of Accounting Office of Far East University
    for detail.

VII. Others
(1) Foreign students who were asked to leave school by other universities or
    colleges are not allowed to apply for undergraduate and graduate schools
    at Far East University. If there is sufficient evidence that a student has
    breached any regulation, Far East University has the right to ask the
    student to leave school immediately.
(2) For foreign students who can not finish the registration procedure on time,
   e.g. visa, shall prepare documents for postponing, the time of postponing
   can not be over 1/3 of the semester, or the student can not register for the
   academic year. Graduate school students, with approval of the department
   chairman, can register for the next semester.
(3) Foreign students are responsible for their own living expenses after arrival.
    Accepted foreign students may apply for scholarships offered by the
    Ministry of Education (MOE) or by Far East University. The scholarship will
    be granted based on the “Guidelines for the Award of Scholarship to
    Foreign students” from the MOE. For information of such scholarships,
    please contact the nearest R.O.C. embassy, consulate, or representative
    offices. Far East University also offers special scholarships and financial
    aids to attract foreign students.

(4) The second student dormitory rent exclusively for summer and winter
    vacations per semester, is approximately NT$11,000 for foreign students.
(5) After receiving a student ID, students have to go to the Bureau of Consular
    Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apply for a resident visa before
    the visitor’s visa expires. Foreign students who have been staying in
    Taiwan for more than 4 months and have already been issued a resident
    visa must also obtain National Health Insurance. At the beginning of the
    1st semester, students will be charged for the January to February
    insurance. At the beginning of the 2nd semester, students will be charged
    for the March to August insurance. After enrolling, foreign students need to
    summit proof of medical insurances for the first 4 months of their arrival.
(6) More information is available about our faculty, students, and programs of
    study on the school’s Web site:

VIII. Publication of General Regulations
General regulations are published at the Far East University Web site, and are
not for sale. Further explanations and clarification are readily available at Please download the files directly from the Web site.


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