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					                              Hotel Reservation
Dear Attendees:

   It is our great pleasure to announce “The Second Asian NIR Symposium (ANS2010)” to be

held in Shanghai, China, October 15-18, 2010.

   To reserve a hotel room, please return your reservation information to the organizing

Secretariat by filling the receipt form, the VISA form or sending an email (

Your hotel reservation will not be available until finishing the payment of the registration fee.

   During the Shanghai World Expo 2010, there are many passengers visiting Shanghai. So the

rooms of hotels are hard to reserve. And the price is very high. If you don't reserve the hotel room

in advance, we cannot ensure to arrange a room for you at that time. To find a hotel room by

yourself near the hotel that the symposium will be held in is almost impossible. So PLEASE


   In our agreement with hotel, the date of the hotel reservation is 15-18th Oct, 2010. So please

arrange your schedule in Shanghai in this date range. If you will stay in Shanghai outside this

range please reserve hotel room by yourself.

   If you have other personal requirement about hotel reservation, please contact us.