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					What is RSS?
1: RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a format for delivering
regularly changing web content such as news websites and online publishers We
feature RSS News feed to bring you the latest angling and fisheries news updates,
breaking fisheries news stories, job vacancies and FIN – Fisheries Ireland News.

2: Why RSS? Benefits and Reasons for using RSS
News feeds allow you to view changing content in real time. You will see our updated
news headlines with a summary and this is linked to the relevant news topic on our
website. It can be an alternative to subscribing to our email newsletter and thus
ensures additional privacy and convenience

3: What do you need to do to view our news feed ?
You can subscribe to this service for free but you will need a news reader to view the
feed. If you have an updated version of Internet Explorer it’s built into your browser.
Other browsers such as opera and Firefox support and can detect news feeds. To view
our news feed you can download a simple news reader programme. We recommend



This link is an example of what news feeds are BBC NEWS and will give you more
insight into the subject.

4: What do I do next ?
Once you have installed and launched a news reader, you can view our news feed by
copying and pasting this Internet address http://www.shannon-fishery-
board.ie/rss/shrfb.rss or dragging it into your news reader address field. Some
programmes allow you to Search for a feed using keywords/phrases e.g. Shannon
Regional Fisheries Board weekly Newsletter.

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Description: RSS also known as polymerization RSS, is a simple online way to share content (also called Really Simple Syndication). Usually relatively strong in the time to use the contents of RSS subscriptions to more rapid access to information, the website provides RSS output is beneficial for users to access the latest content updates.