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RSS also known as polymerization RSS, is a simple online way to share content (also called Really Simple Syndication). Usually relatively strong in the time to use the contents of RSS subscriptions to more rapid access to information, the website provides RSS output is beneficial for users to access the latest content updates.

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									                          Saving time with RSS

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What is an RSS?

Imagine you had a friend who was a librarian and whenever they found a
new book, author or article that they thought you would like, they put it
aside for you. Then when you go into the library, they have it all sitting
there neatly in one place ready for you to use.

Well RSS is like having that personal librarian of your very own. All of
the information that is relevant and interesting to you is placed on your
own personal home page. New pages of information are published with
RSS, they appear on your own personal RSS feed page.
    • RSS is easy
    • RSS comes to you
    • RSS will save you time
    • RSS provides a single place for reading new posts and
    • You choose which RSS feeds you want to subscribe to

You can subscribe to RSS feeds and receive the new information
automatically with new material published regularly on edna.

So why not take a few minutes to learn about how you can set up your
own RSS feed page. It’s easier than making friends with a librarian
(thought that’s recommended too).

                         Saving time with RSS


As technology changes, so does the way we receive information. Using
RSS is going to save you time. For the past eleven years, edna VET has
provided high quality information to VET practitioners via the Net. edna
VET pages are updated frequently and include links to professional
support, key vet organisations, and teaching and learning resources.
The purpose of this screen cast is to help you use these resources more
efficiently so today we are going to show you how to save time with RSS


OK, for this screen cast, we are going to use Internet Explorer 7. So,
locate the icon on your computer and click on it. Then in the address bar
up the top type in:

Now, if you look across to the right of the edna VET Home page, you’ll
see the heading VET News. Directly under this, you’ll see headlines
from a variety of resources including the National Centre for Vocational
Education Research, the Australian Flexible Learning Framework,
Industry Skill Councils, and State and Federal Governments.

Now click on “View RSS”, like this, and a page called “Vocational
Education and Training Headlines” appears, with a list of VET related

                          Saving time with RSS

headings and descriptions. The links take you to the various news
articles that have been selected and this list updates automatically as
new information is posted by the edna VET and ACE Information Officer.

OK, Now I’m going to demonstrate just how easy it is for you to
subscribe to this same VET News RSS feed yourself. Bear in mind
though that the same process applies to all RSS feeds across the EDNA
website so you may want to add more.

Start by clicking on the phrase “Subscribe to this feed” in the yellow box
located at the top of the page. As you can see, a dialogue box appears
and it tells you that when you subscribe to a feed, it automatically adds
itself to your Favourites and is kept up to date.

The name of this feed is called Vocational Education and Training
Headlines. You can save to the Feeds folder at this point, or you can
create a new folder and place it there.

To do this, simply click on “create a new folder”, and give it a name in
the new dialogue box that opens, for this example type in VET. Next,
click “create” and the subscription dialogue box will display the new
name VET.

You are now ready to take the final step to subscribe to the Vocational
Education and Training Headlines feed. Simply click “Subscribe” and

                          Saving time with RSS

you should now be taken back to the VET Headlines feed page with a
message at the top, saying “You have successfully subscribed to this

Next, click on the text “View my Feeds” under this message, to double
check if it has worked. It should take you to the Feeds centre where you
will see your new folder and feed.

Another way to check your work is to go to the Favourites Centre in your
Internet Explorer 7 toolbar, click on Feeds, and there you’ll see the VET
folder you created earlier. Open this VET folder to view your “Vocational
Education and Training Headlines” feeds. RSS feeds!


This is the IE7 feed reader for RSS and VET users, but there are other
feed readers which will do the same job. There you go. All done. You
can now enjoy using your RSS feeds

If you want to comment on this screen cast or have any ideas for other
screen casts –let us know. Just click on this link.

For more information, contact the VET and ACE Information Officer at . Thanks for listening.


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