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					Savoury Spreads

 Innova Market Insights
    December 2009
   This review focuses on global Savoury Spreads product launches
    tracked by the Innova Database with a separate section dedicated to
    North America product launch activity.

   The review contains information regarding new Savoury Spreads
    product launches from January 2009 to June 2009.

   Global Market Analysis
   Global Company Analysis
   Global Positioning Analysis
   Global Flavour Analysis
   Global Savoury Spreads Product Trends
   Global Packaging Analysis
   North American Company Analysis
   North American Positioning Analysis
   North American Flavour Analysis
   Conclusion
Market Analysis
Market Analysis: Top 15 Countries
Company Analysis: Top 15 Companies
         Company                          Products Launched in (%)
         SAINSBURY                                  13
         ROBERT ROTHSCHILD FARM                     10
         UNILEVER                                    8
         KRAFT                                       7
         PELICAN BAY                                 7
         REWE                                        7
         ALDI                                        6
         PRINCES                                     6
         LACROIX                                     6
         SANCHEZ ROMERO CARVAJAL JABUGO              5
         HEINZ                                       5
         VIRGINIA HIGHLANDS                          5
         CHOVI                                       5
         HERITAGE                                    5
         PULMUONE                                    5
         Total                                      100
Positioning Analysis
Positioning Analysis: Positioning Category

          Positioning Category                            Products Launched in (%)
          Convenience - Ready Prepared                              44
          Health (Passive) - No Additives/Preservatives              8
          Health (Passive) - Allergy                                 6
          Health (Passive) - Gluten Free                             6
          Pleasure - Traditional                                     5
          Health (Passive) - Natural                                 5
          Choice - Vegetarian                                        4
          Choice - Kosher                                            3
          Convenience - Time Saving                                  3
          Health (Passive) - Organic                                 3
          Convenience - Easy-to-Prepare                              3
          Convenience - Packaging                                    3
          Pleasure - Indulgent and Premium                           2
          Health (Passive) - Low Cholesterol                         2
          Health (Passive) - Low Fat                                 2
          Total                                                     99
No Additives/Preservatives Spreads

 Germany: Popp Mediterrane Creme Tomate      Poland: Jean Brunet Terrine de Lapin: Rabbit
 Mozzarella: Mediterranean Dip with Tomato   Pate with Estragon. Traditional French rabbit
 and Mozzarella. No preservatives. With      pate with estragon, in a glass jar. No
 183kcal per serving (9% GDA).               preservatives, coloring, and emulsifiers.
Natural & Organic Claims
   Natural and organic positioned products are limited in numbers 5% and 3%
    respectively and you would expect this to be an area of growth in the future.

Netherlands: Supercoop Markant     Germany: Rewe Bio Brotaufstrich   Lithuania: Just Wholefoods Organic
Sandwich Salada Naturel: Natural   Meerettich: Horseradish Spread.   Houmous. Gluten free. Casein free
Sandwich Salad Spread. Natural!    Certified organic!                diet. Organic. Suitable for
                                                                     vegetarian. Wheat free.
Single Serves & Easy Handling Packs for More Convenience

                                Italy: Battuto di Olive e Carciofi:
                                Olives and Artichokes Spread.
                                Olives and artichokes spread, in
                                a plastic film-wrapped tray.

                                                Germany: Block
                                               House Knoblauch
                                                   Sauce: Garlic
   Macedonia: Rio Mare Pate                        Sauce. Garlic
   Savoury Tuna Spread. No                      sauce in a 250ml
   preservatives. 1 for free.                        doy pouch
Low & No Cholesterol Claims
    Heart health conscious consumers will be looking out for low and no cholesterol
                                                                         Germany: Pflaum's
                                                                         Fitness Barlauch
                                                                         Fitness Spread with
                                                                         Wild Garlic. Low
                                                                         cholesterol. Rich in
                                                                         vitamin A, C, and E.
                                                                         Less than 15% fat. Rich
                                                                         in rape oil. No added

Latvia: Hum-Hum Humoss with
Mushrooms. No cholesterol!
                                                   Pate Vegetal
  Germany: Schneekoppe                             de Alcachofa:
       Vital Feine Pastete                         Artichoke Pate.
Ungarisch Rein Pflanzlich                          No
- Vegetable Bread Spread                           preservatives
   with Hungarian Flavor.                          and colors.
         Low cholesterol.                          100%
                                                   free. Organic
Flavour Analysis
Flavour Analysis: Flavour Group
Flavour Analysis: Flavour Sub-Category
Flavour Analysis: Primary Flavour
Flavourful Garlic
 • Garlic is the most popular primary flavour (15%).

                                                                                Croatia: SMS Marinated
                                                                                Garlic and Lemon Spread.

 Puerto Rico: El Huerto         Vietnam: McCormick Garlic Spread.
 Cosechando Sabor Ajo Molido:                                Finland: Pirkka
 Crushed Garlic Spread.                                    Valkosipulidippi:
                                                                  Garlic Dip.
Tuna Is Fish Of Choice

     Tuna is the most popular type of fish used for savoury spreads.

    Spain: Calvo Rellenisimos Atun:    Germany: Italia Bruschetta           Slovenia: Spar Bruschetta
    Tuna Sandwich Filling. Tuna        Aufstrich Thunfisch: Fish Flavored   Al Tonno: Bruschetta
    sandwich filling in a glass jar.   Spread for Bruschetta Bread Tuna.    Spread with Tuna Fish.
Pate Delicacies

    Liver is the primary flavour of 9% of product launches.

    Spain: Mina Pate de Higado de
    Cerdo: Cooked Pork Liver Pate.
                                     Spain: Pate De Jabugo RT Receta     Argentina: Nutrissima
                                     Traditional Higado De Cerdo         Ahumados Pate de Higado
                                     Iberico Puro: Pure Iberian Pork     de Cerdo Leberwurst: Pork
                                     Liver Pate in Traditional Recipe.   Liver Pate.
Flavour Analysis: Secondary Flavour
Creamy Cheese & Tomato Combined
• Cheese is the secondary flavour of 9% of launches and is often combined with

Germany: Popp Pikanter
Brotaufstrich Vegetarisch Tromate
Mozzarella: Savoury spread with
tomato and mozzarella cheese.

                                                                   Taiwan: Old El Paso
                                                                   Cheese 'n Salsa Dip.
                                    Germany: Popp Mediterrane
                                     Creme Tomate Mozzarella:
                                        Mediterranean Dip with
                                       Tomato and Mozzarella.
Healthy Olive Spreads

Turkey: Zytn Zeytin Ezmesi: Black   Germany: Italia Bruschetta         Italy: Tenuta Fragassi
Olive Spread. Black olive spread    Aufstrich Oliven: Olive Flavored   Bruschetta Alle Olive:
with salt, in a glass jar.          Spread for Bruschetta Bread.       Olive Spread.
Dairy Spreads

Germany: CP Petri Petrella Barlauch         Germany: Brunch Mini Knoblauch:
Deutsch: Milk & Cream Spread with Garlic.   Milk Spread with Garlic.

             Slovenia: Spar Mlecni
              Namaz z Zelisci: Milk
                Spread with Herbs.
Flavour Analysis: Tertiary Flavour
Veggies for Increased Health Benefits
   Vegetables added to spreads not only enhance the flavor but also increase the
    nutritional profile of the product.

                                           France: D'Aucy Tartine
                                           Ratatouillade: Sun-Dried
                                           Vegetable Spread. Sun-dried
                                           vegetables spread made
                                           from dried tomatoes,
                                           eggplants and courgettes.

                                                      Turkey: Dogbes Patlican
                                                       Receli: Aubergine Jam.

                                  Germany: Tartex
                                  Karotte Orange:
                                  Vegetable Spread
                                  with Carrots &
                                  Cholesterol free!

                                        Austria: Green Heart
                                         Vegetables Spread.
                                          Vegetables spread
                                             with herbs, in a
                                           plastic container.
Paprika: Flavour Alternative

                                                                       Germany: CP Petri Petrella Mit
Germany: Rewe Bio Brotaufstrich                                        Paprika Deutsch: Milk & Cream
Gurke Paprika: Spread with                                             Spread with Paprika.
Cucumbers and Bell Pepper.

                                  Germany: Italia Bruschetta
                                  Aufstrich Paprika:Paprika Flavored
                                  Spread for Bruschetta Bread.
Mixing Savoury & Sweet With Added Fruit

Germany: Rewe Bio Senf Honig           Germany: Rewe Bio             United Kingdom: Shippam's Gourmet
Feige Aufstrich: Spread with Mustard   Brotaufstrich Curry Ananas:   Coronation Chicken Sandwich Filler. A
Honey and Fig. French type organic     Organic Spread with Curry     gourmet sandwich filler with chicken,
spread with mustard honey, fig,        and Pineapple Flavor.         apricots, mango chutney and spices.
cream fraiche, and soft cheese.
Ethnic Flavours In Favour

   Many ethnic choices are widely available.

United Kingdom: Sainsbury's
Indian Stacker Dip. A selection
of three Indian style dips:                                  Slovenia: MDK Prima Namaz
coriander raita, tomato and                                  Mediteranski: Meat Spread with
                                  Netherlands: Coop Select
onion, mango and lime.                                       Mediterranean Herbs
                                  Tapenade Mediterranea:
                                  Tapenade Mediterranean.
Herbs for Fresh, Natural & Healthy Image

                                                     Brunch Mini
                                                     Milk Spread
                                                     with Chives.

 United Kingdom: Chovi Allioli
 Spanish Garlic & Herb Dip
                                 Australia: Always Fresh
 With Chives & Parsley.
                                 Fusions Basil and Parmesan
                                 Tapenade. Basil and parmesan
                                 tapenade perfect for antipasto
                                 platters, as a pizza topping,
                                 with pasta or on foccacias.
Global Savoury Spreads Product
Limited Edition Specialties
                  Germany: Brunch
                  Teufel Limited
                  Edition Yogurt
                  Spread with Hot

                 Germany: Brunch
                 Engel Yogurt Spread
                 with Cucumber and
                 Dill. Limited edition
                 yogurt spread with
                 cucumbers and dill.
Limited Edition

   United Kingdom: Marmite Limited Edition       USA: HeluvaGood Limited Edition
   Spread with Marston's Pedigree Beer.          White Cheddar & Bacon Sour Cream
   Limited edition Marmite spread made with      Dip. Limited edition!
   yeast from Marston's Pedigree, the official
   beer of England Cricket.
Omega-3 Claims
   Natural sources of Omega-3 fatty acids are included in Savoury Spreads to improve
    their nutritive profile and appeal.

                                                                     Spain: Officer Mousse de
                                                                     Foie de Morue: Cod Liver
                                                                     Pate. Cod liver pate in an
                                                                     easy-to-open can. With
                                                                     omega 3.

                                            Australia: Greenseas
                                            Tuna Snackpots Tuna
                                            with Creamy Tomato.
Australia: John West Spreadable             Tuna with creamy
Tuna. Tastier recipe. All natural           tomato. Ideal as a dip
ingredients. Source of omega-3,             or spread. Good
Dolphin friendly.                           source of omega-3.
                                            Dolphin safe.
Tofu Spreads for Vegetarians

 Estonia: Bon Tofuvoie Tilliga: Tofu Spread with Dill.   Spain: Vegetalia Pate de Rovellons -
                                                         Tofu with Mushroom Pate.

                                                           Spain: SoriaNatural Pate
                                                           Vegetal con Tofu Estilo
                                                           Oriental: Vegetable Pate
                                                           with Oriental Tofu.
Adding Yogurt To Reduce Fat

                                        Germany: Pflaum's Fitness Pfefferoni -
                                        Fitness Bread Spread with Hot Pepper. Low
                                        cholesterol fitness spread with hot pepper,
                                        skimmed soft cheese, and probiotic yogurt
                                        flavor. Low cholesterol. Rich in vitamin A, C,
                                        and E. Less than 15% fat. Rich in rape oil.
                                        No added preservatives.

         Netherlands: Heinz Daily
         Spread Komkommer -
         Cucumber Garlic Vegetable
         Spread. Contains 10% low fat
Packaging Analysis
Packaging Analysis
 Packaging Analysis

                                 Argentina: Paladini Pate a Las Finas Hierbas:
                                 Pork and Beef Pate with Fine Herbs.

                                                                                   Hungary: Dulano Mini Majas -
                                                                                   Homemade-Style Liver Paste.
Pakistan: Young's French
chicken spread in a doy pouch.
                                   Italy: Battuto di Olive Piccante: Spicy Olive
                                   Spread. Spicy olive spread ideal for toast,
                                   crackers, rice, fish and meat.
North America
Market Analysis
Market Analysis – Company Analysis
           Company                      Products Launched in (%)
           ROBERT ROTHSCHILD FARM                 17
           PELICAN BAY                            12
           PULMUONE                                8
           VIRGINIA HIGHLANDS                      8
           HERITAGE                                8
           FRIEDAS                                 7
           SANTA BARBARA BAY                       7
           TASTEFULLY SIMPLE                       5
           TARGET                                  5
           CACTUS CANDY                            5
           BARKERS                                 3
           B&G FOODS                               3
           BRASWELL                                3
           CEDARS MEDITERRANEAN FOODS              3
           CEDARS MEDITERRANEAN                    3
           Total                                  97
  North America
Positioning Analysis
Positioning Analysis: Positioning Category
          Positioning Category                            Products Launched in (%)
          Convenience - Ready Prepared                              30
          Health (Passive) - Natural                                11
          Choice - Kosher                                            8
          Convenience - Easy-to-Prepare                              7
          Health (Passive) - Allergy                                 7
          Health (Passive) - Gluten Free                             7
          Pleasure - Traditional                                     6
          Pleasure - Indulgent and Premium                           4
          Others - Dry                                               3
          Health (Passive) - Organic                                 3
          Convenience - Time Saving                                  3
          Health (Passive) - No Additives/Preservatives              3
          Health (Passive) - No Trans Fats                           3
          Convenience - Packaging                                    2
          Health (Active) - Digestive/Gut Health                     2
          Total                                                     99
Natural & Organic Spreads

      United States: Cedar's Original      United States: Pulmuona Wildwood
      Tahini Hommus. All natural. Wheat    Inc Classic Probiotic Hummus.
      and gluten free. Certified kosher.   Suitable for vegan. Organic.
Additives/Preservatives Free

                                             Canada: Fontaine Sante Roasted Garlic
 United States: Cibo Naturals Artichoke
                                             Hummus. No trans fat. No preservatives.
 Lemon Pesto Spread. Artichoke lemon
 pesto spread in a plastic pot. Made fresh
 using natural ingredients. Non-GMO. No
 added growth hormones. No preservatives.
 No genetically modified organisms.
Trans Fat Free Salsa Made with Real Cheese

   Canada: Tostitos Salsa con Queso: Cheese
   Dip with Japelano Peppers. This goes well
   with Tostitos Restaurant Style Chips.
Gut Friendly Probiotic Spreads

   United States: Wildwood Organics Probiotic      United States: Wildwood Organic Probiotic
   Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. Roasted red          Classic Hummus. The live food advantage.
   pepper flavored hummus. This is creamy,         Promoting healthy digestion. USDA
   smooth and full of flavor. Organic. Certified   organic. Certified kosher. Probiotic.
   kosher. Promotes healthy digestion.

      Canada: Ruffles Ranch Dip.
      Ranch flavored dip in a glass jar.
Calcium Supplementation in the Form of Spreads

     United States: Shedd's Spread Country
     Crock Calcium Plus Vitamin D Spread.
     One serving has as much calcium as 1/3
     glass of milk or fortified orange juice.
Calcium Claims For Kids
 North America
Flavour Analysis
Flavour Analysis: Flavour Group
Flavour Analysis: Flavour Sub-Category
Flavour Analysis: Primary Flavour
Garlic: A Common Flavour Favourite

                                                    Canada: Kraft Miracel Whip Whip
                                                    Dip: Dried Tomatoes and Garlic.

   United States: Pelican Bay Homemade Honey
   Garlic Buffalo Dip Mix. The perfect blend of
   honey, garlic and buffalo wing sauce are
   combine to bring you a treat for your palette.
Creamy Cheese Please

   United States: Taco Bell Black
   Bean Con Queso: Black Bean
   with Cheese. Ready to heat dip!   United States: Culinary Circle Parmesan
                                     Pesto Ranch Dip. Parmesan cheese dip made
                                     with aged parmesan cheese, cream cheese,
                                     basil and pine nuts, in a plastic tub.
Flavour Analysis: Secondary Flavour
Infusion of Spices & Herbs

      United States: The Lollipop Tree Hot           United States: Casa Corona Green
      Pepper Jelly. A melange of fiery peppers.      Enchilada Sauce. Green enchilada
      Our hot pepper jelly is ideal as a glaze for   sauce made with the blends of
      grilled salmon and fresh vegetables or as      Mexico's freshest diced/chopped
      a spread for deli sandwich wraps.              green chilies and the correct spices.
Flavour Analysis: Tertiary Flavour
 United States (29%) is the product launch leader, followed by Germany (16%)
  and United Kingdom (15%).

 Sainsbury is the leading company (13%) in regard to product launch numbers,
  followed by Robert Rothschild Farm (10%). The remaining top 13 companies
  ranged from 8% - 5%. In terms of product launch activity in North America
  Robert Rothschild Farm (17%) is leading, followed by Pelican Bay 12%.

 Savoury spreads ultimately offer the consumer convenience. Passive health
  claims such as no additives/preservatives, natural and low fat are most common
  in this category. Functional products are rare, although there are some products
  which have emerged containing probiotics for digestive health. Omega-3 claims
  are also relatively new for savoury spreads.

 Garlic is a popular flavour addition for savoury spreads and the use of other
  herbs and spices is widespread. The incorporation of fruit and vegetables adds
  to the flavour and also improves the nutritive profile. Seasonal or limited edition
  flavours are a current trend also, while ethnic flavours keep growing in

 Squeeze packs, single serves and individually wrapped packs are the new
  packaging innovations for this category.

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