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									                          Year 10 Textile Technology

             Term 2 Assessment Task – Textile Art and Advertising

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Outcomes to be assessed:
5.3.1 Analyses the influence of historical, cultural and contemporary
      perspectives on textile design, construction and use.
5.3.2 Evaluates the impact of textiles production and use of the individual
      consumer and society.
5.6.1 Selects and applies management strategies when developing design

It is important to have knowledge of how designs of textile design have changed
through history, and why the change has occurred. Every cultural have their
different ways of designing; due to religion, beliefs, and what knowledge has
been passed down in regards to dress, and the design of art. Due to technological
advances, the designs have changed; the way the design is created has met the
needs of society, allowing for the design to meet the standards of peoples needs.
The design has to meet the needs of the consumers. What consumer is this
design for? How will the design be marketed to gain the attention of the end
user? When designing the product, the designer must consider the gender of the
intended consumer and their age. And, most importantly, if the product is
affordable for the intended consumer.
Advertising designs is important as it is allowing for different target markets to
view the products of designers. There are a number of ways for the designers to
advertise their products, such as the Internet, magazines and television. As most
consumers watch television, designers spend 1000’s of dollars to advertise their
products. The advertising team of designer’s research of the best ways to gain
the consumers attention, the students will be researching ways in which the best
way to advertise their own designs.
The students will be researching of how throughout history, how the designs
have changed to meet the needs of the consumers. Each culture, religion and
background the needs of the consumers are meet differently, the students will be
looking at how these designs have changed for modern day times.
When designers are advertising their designs to the public the designs need to be
aware of the target market and how it is important when the designers are
producing the advertisements that the consumers do not offend certain people.
The designers must research of the best way to communicate designs to the
public, and how to produce advertisement to draw the consumers attention to
their products. The students will be acting as designer to produce an
advertisement for a suitable target market, the students will be researching
different advertisements for different target markets, and how these designers
draw the consumers attention designer products.


Students will be assessed on their ability to:

      Able to show their ability to research and communicate the way changes
       of design are due to the world around them, and how the world has
       influenced the changes.
      To be able to identify how advertisements draw attention to consumer,
       and able to break down the advertisement to show whom the product is
       aimed at.
      To use ICT to communicate their knowledge of advertisements, and
       create their own from what they have learnt.


Part A – 10 marks

Today’s designers have to consider perspectives when it comes it designing their
products. Designers have to consider if what they are producing will fit the
criteria of different cultures, and how the modern textiles can help in designing
the products.

Chose one of the following categories and read the case study:

      Historical Perspectives.
      Cultural Perspectives.
      Contemporary Perspectives.

After reading the case study, the students will write a 750-word essay on the
following question: "How did your Perspective (historical, cultural or
contemporary) change the industry of textile design? How did this have a impact
on society today?"

Students should consider:

      What message is the case study trying to show
      Does the perspective you chose have an impact of you personally
      How did your perspective impact of what your family
      How did the materials change throughout time
      How did the consumer adjust to change
      What was the biggest change in your perspective


      A history of Textile Art. Geijer, Agnes. London : Pasold Research Fund
      History of the Indian cotton textile industry. Kulkarni, V. B. Bombay :
       Millowners' Association, 1979
      Marimekko : fabrics, fashion, architecture. Marianne Aav. New Haven :
       Published for The Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative
       Arts, Design, and Culture, New York, by Yale University Press, 2003
      Visions. Rob Watson. Carlton, Vic. : Curriculum Corporation, c1995
      Henry Moore textiles. Moore, Henry. Aldershot [England] : Lund
       Humphries, 2008

Part B – 15 marks

Students must conduct a survey on the youtube clips. Students will choose 3 out
of the 5-youtube clips. Students must copy the following table onto a word
document and, while viewing the youtube clips, the students will fill it out.

  Product advertised            Image portrayed               Target Market
                                 Technique used

After filling out the table, analyse your results by answering the following

      What is your overall impression of the media’s influence on gaining the
       attention of the consumer?
      What is your opinion of the images and the lifestyle that is portrayed in
       the advertisements?
      What techniques did you believe were best to advertise the product?
    What changes could be made when advertising the product?
Part C 15 marks

Advertising has a major impact on how designer’s show off their work, and draw
the consumer’s attention to their products. There a number of ways in which
designers can advertise, through television, magazines and the Internet. You are
the designer it is up to you to show off your work, as the designer you decided to
create an advertisement for television.

As the designer you must consider:

      Who is the target market
      What perspective is the items (historical, cultural or contemporary)
      How are you gain to grab the attention of viewers (marketing strategies)

In the advertisement you must:

      Name the company/designer
      A slogan promoting the textile art
      Pictures of variety of designs

Student must click on the link and download Premiere Elements, you use only
the trail version of Premiere Elements:


When displaying the advertisement, students must create an account on
Glogster, and upload their movie.


Students can choose pictures from a variety of sources, books, google images, or
create their own designs. Click on the link on Part C on the website to view the
steps to produce the advertisement.

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