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									To Protect, to Produce and to Profit
In my work I create, maintain and improve operational processes for
professionals' in order for their offices to run effectively and
efficiently. Clients in need of this help usually fit into two
1) some clients plan and then re-plan so much they can't follow through
with action or
2) some clients create a 'do as you go system' that changes each time the
task comes up. These business strategies are ineffective causing wasted
valuable time, lost production, decreased value of products and/or
services, and lack information needed in order to evaluate results.
Planning without taking action stifles your business. The 'do as you go
system' can make businesses vulnerable to clients and suppliers and do
not create a stable foundation for the business to reach desired
potential. For this reason, I offer a solution enabling you to use your
thoughts, emotions and actions to create accountable systems that will
protect, produce and contribute to the profits of your business.
Operational systems are created for the purpose of handling repetitive
responsibilities. These systems are for your business to functional
successfully. Once you create a system for a specific task and achieve
your desired results repeat those actions. If you routinely forget
things, create an operational manual and write down methods that work for
your business. If you do not receive your desired results review what
happen (thoughts) - especially your participation and change your actions
Another reason operational processes are valuable is because they show
responsibility. Life happens and sometimes this means disagreements
occur. Good record keeping and orderly files can help you when there is a
dispute between you and a client or supplier. It will help you come to
resolutions easier. If unable to solve the problem smoothly, your
documentation will better prepare you if you have to involve a third
party to resolve the issue. If you have not kept adequate documentation
you will be and feel vulnerable to the other parties' accusations.
Keeping accurate files and having a system to do this shows
responsibility to clients and suppliers; they will feel more secure in
your ability and work ethics.
Also processes are created to evaluate the health and progress of an
enterprise. Reinventing a new format each time an undertaking comes up
does not give you a reliable measurement to analyze the process
contributions to the business' profits. When a task comes up to be
handled, especially if it will become a routine duty, create a plan of
action to execute it effectively and continue to do it when it works.
Designate time to evaluate your processes examining the value of
contribution to the growth of your business or how they are depleting
your company's resources. Accountability is the way to show progress but
also helps you stop unhealthy work practices. If your business is
strained you probably are as well. Once you evaluate your processes and
results, make changes according to the results if needed. After you have
a clear vision (thoughts) write or revise your plan on paper until you
feel good (emotions) that it will deliver your goal; then follow (act)
this written plan and observe its effects. If your results are successful
continue with your plan if not evaluate the plan and change it.
My Bottom Line
Upon annual reviews of your business, improve routine tasks with the
purpose of raising your standards of effective quality products and
services or raising your industry's standards. Only change your routine
operational tasks to improve on them once you have evaluated their
performance but don't waist your productive time "re-inventing the
wheel". Use your thoughts, emotions and actions to create office
procedures that will maintain the health, reliability and growth of your
business. Evaluate the performance of your office procedures in relation
to their contribution to the protection, production and profits you
desire from your work.
Electra Ford
(501) 993-6734

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