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Despite the uniqueness of the Six Sigma programs that are being
implemented worldwide, there are many common measures by which all of
these programs gauge their success - the alignment of projects to
business strategy, utilization of Belts, project completion, best-
practice sharing and achieved financial benefits, to name a few. What is
common across these metrics is the ability to track projects and monitor
project performance.
Some companies choose to craft an in-house solution for tracking Six
Sigma projects. Another option that appeals to many organizations is an
off-the-shelf, customizable software program to manage all the data
associated with project tracking. These project tracking programs can
perform a multitude of functions, from monitoring project deliverables to
reporting collectively on project status enterprise wide, from
facilitating knowledge sharing through a project database to tracking
financial metrics. The programs are used by virtually anyone involved in
a Six Sigma deployment-executives, Six Sigma Champions and deployment
leaders, Master Black Belts, project leaders, and team members. For this
article, four of the most popular Six Sigma project tracking software
programs were reviewed: Project Tracker from Dbar-innovations, i-Nexus
3.1, PowerSteering 5.0 and SixNet 2.9.
All four of these programs have proven track records in the industry, and
each has its own strengths and unique features that set it apart from the
others. Instantis's software is scorecard driven and has excellent
dashboarding capabilities; Dbar-innovations has the best
learning/mentoring software for six sigma anywhere,i-Nexus 3.1 has the
best self-paced e-learning program embedded into the software to train
general users in four to five hours; PowerSteering 5.0's user interface
is intuitive and easy to use; SixNet 2.9 delivers a standard product with
minimal customization needed to go live. The choice of which Six Sigma
project tracking software to use depends on many factors.
This article may help you decide which one could be right for your
organization. for six sigma training for all six sigma software.