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					Tips For Photography
Anyone can be a good photographer with a little patience and thought. The
following are some photography tips to have you well on your way to
making great photographs.
Get To Know Your Camera.
In most cases this can be done by reading your owner's manual. Find out
the flash range. If the range is 3-15 feet, only plan on using your flash
in that range. Find out where the focus points are located in the
viewfinder or display screen. Is your camera able to focus on subjects in
the center? Right side? Corners? Knowing these focus capabilities will
help you when framing your shots.
Get Closer.
Don't be afraid to get close to your subject. If you think you are close
enough, get closer. When photographing people, large background areas ca n
be distracting. Too much space above a person's head can be distracting.
Feel free to fill your screen or viewfinder with your subject. Keep in
mind, however, not to get closer than your camera's focus range can
handle. In most cases this will be around 3 feet, but you can use your
zoom to get in closer than that.
Rule of Thirds.
Many photographers believe in the rule of thirds. Imagine your photo is
divided into 3 equal parts, both horizontal and vertical, much like a
tic-tac-toe board. Placing your main subjects at the intersections of
these lines are thought to produce a more eye-pleasing photograph. This
can be done with both vertical and landscape images. Moving your main
subject away from dead center of the photograph can produce a very
different, more interesting, image.
Move Your Feet.
Move around until you find the best side of your subject. If you are
outdoors in full sun, always place the sun behind you. Don't just move
side to side, move up and down. If you are photographing children, get
down to their level. If you are photographing flowers, get right over it
and shoot it from above. Simply moving your self around your subject can
yield surprising results and amazing photographs.
Watch Your Backgrounds.
It is easy to get so wrapped up in your subject that you forget to check
your background. Is your subject standing in front of a tree? Does the
tree look like it is growing out of their head? Is your subject wearing a
plaid sweater and standing in front of a patchwork quilt? Believe it or
not, it is easy to miss these things. Keep your background simple. Move
your feet to avoid unsightly background clutter. You don't want to get
that perfect smile and later notice the large trashcan with neon orange
sticker on it in your background.
These are a few photography tips that can significantly improve your
images. Photography is an art, and like any art, it requires practice.
Take some time practicing with these tips, and you will be well on your
way to making great photographs!
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