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Google Marketing SecretsChecklist


Google Marketing Secrets Checklist

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									                               Google Marketing Secrets
Below is a simple checklist to guide you through setting up your business in Google Places as well as the
7-steps to achieving higher rankings.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need assistance.

Part I: Get Listed in Google Places
     Create a Google Account and log in to Google Places.
     Complete your company details & information.
             o Be sure to be as complete as possible.
     Use at least one keyword in your company description
     Use keywords as “Category” listings.
             o Remember you must use one of Google’s suggested categories.
     Add your listing and compare to any other possible matches.
     Complete additional details for your business including: Service Areas and Locations; Hours of
         Operation; Payment Options; Photos, Videos and Additional Details.
             o See below for important information when adding photos and videos.
             o For the ‘Additional Details” section add things like “Specialty Items”, brands you carry
                  and other information that is important to your customers.
     Verify your account by phone. You can do it by mail, but why? Phone verification is easier and
             o Enter your PIN to complete verification.

Part II: 7-Steps to Higher Rankings in Google Places
     Put at least one keyword in your company description. You can put up to three but make sure it
          sounds natural.
     Put your main keyword in your company name. This is an optional step and only do it if it makes
     Add at least 5 photos. You can use a picture of the front of your business, your logo, your staff,
          before and after pics, a display ad for a free gift, etc.
              o Remember the first picture you load will be the one also displayed at the top of your
                  listing. So make it a good one!
     Generate multiple reviews. The more reviews the better. Ask real customers to go to your
          Google Places listing and submit their review. Have business cards made up with your Google
          Places web page address and give them to customers as they leave. You can also email your
          customers requesting for their review.
     Add a coupon. This can be of anything but you want to make it stand out and be of great value.
          A free appetizer, a free lawn mowing, a free hair cut, etc.
     Add at least 1 video. Do NOT make this video about you. Instead make it about your customer
          and how you can solve their problem and why your better and different then all your
     Build backlinks to your Google Places listing. Contact the person that gave you this checklist if
          you have questions on how to build backlinks.

               Google Marketing Secrets | Let us get your site ranked high! Call us today.

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