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					             MUSIC IN THE PARKS – HERSHEY 2008

Each Spring our Jersey Shore Middle School 7/8 Band and Chorus attend an adjudicated music
festival and see how we stack up against other middle school bands and choirs from the Eastern
United States. In the past, states represented often include PA, NY, NJ, MD, DE, VA and OH.
This is a great way to demonstrate the students’ musical growth throughout the school year, as
well as the strength of our middle school music performance curriculum. At each of these
festivals, ensembles are judged by university, professional, and top educators, as well as
composers, in the field of music. Scoring is based on musical qualities, which the students are
aware of and often discuss through out the year. Sample evaluation sheets are even used by our
own students as part of our classes.

Judges will listen to 2 selections, tape their own commentary about the performance, and score
the following areas on a 1(low)-10(high) grading scale:
        BAND                                          CHORUS
        Tone Quality, Blend, Balance                  Choral Tone, Blend, Balance
        Intonation                                    Intonation
        Rhythm                                        Diction, Pronunciation
        Technique                                     Note Accuracy, Precision
        Interpretation                                Interpretation, Presentation
As always, our goal is to perform our best, and score within the top range in each category.

The other half of our trip – the reward! – is the afternoon in Hershey Park, enjoying the rides and
attractions throughout the park. An awards ceremony closes the day – where each group
performing at Music In The Parks is recognized for their achievement in the performance they
gave that morning.

Your support of the three fundraisers this school year(pretzel/coffee, easter flowers, sandwiches)
help to fund this trip. The cost of bussing and festival/park admission alone runs over $5000. If
you did not get an opportunity to participate in one of the fundraisers, please feel free to make a
donation to help fund the Music In The Parks trip. We appreciated everyone’s support!

The attached information should answer any questions you may have about the Music In The
Parks-Hershey Trip on Friday, May 23, 2008. If we missed anything – please contact us at
school: 570-398-7400

Looking forward to a great musical experience(and some fun at chocolate-world!)

Andrea Schubert-Miller                Jeffrey Dent
Chorus                                Band