Changes to the Verification Process for the 2005-2006 SY by ANejman


									                                                  State of Wisconsin
                                            Department of Public Instruction
                                                 Elizabeth Burmaster, State Superintendent

    September 12, 2005

                                 Please forward this important update
                              to the Verification Official for your agency

    TO:               Authorized Representatives of School Nutrition Programs

    FROM:             Susan M. Peterman, RD, CD – Assistant Director, School Nutrition Team

    RE:               Changes to the Verification Process for the 2005-2006 SY

    Now in the second year of implementation, the Child Reauthorization Act of 2004 has made many
    changes to the mandatory verification procedure for schools. Verification is an important process for the
    free and reduced price meal application accountability because it is the only measure of credibility in a
    system that accepts applications on face value. As a result of Reauthorization, you were required to
    report the results of the verification process to the state agency in the last school year. In turn, we were
    mandated to report the consolidated results from our state to USDA. The current SY of 05/06 will see six
    additional changes to verification which will affect how you design the process within your school

          1. Verification will begin on or about October 1st utilizing the approved applications for the new
             school year of 2005-2006. The data reported for enrollment, sites and free and reduced eligibility
             will concur with the student data collected on the last operating day of September. Verification
             sampling will be determined by the total of approved free and reduced meal applications within
             your system on the last operating day of September.

          2. All agencies were required to name a Confirming Official on the 2005-2006 renewal contracts.
             This official will review only the applications selected for verification insuring that all verified
             applications were accurately determined initially.

          3. School Food Authorities (SFA) may decline up to 5% of the total number of applications selected
             for verification. Those declined applications must be replaced by another application to meet the
             total required verification sampling. The decline is at the discretion of the SFA and may include
             issues such as language and literacy barriers, or a household that was selected in the previous
             year. For example, an SFA verifying 100 approved applications may decline 5 (100x.05=5) or an
             SFA verifying 20 approved applications may decline 1 (20x.05=1). All SFAs verifying less than
             20 approved applications may decline one using standard USDA rounding rules which require
             rounding up to the nearest full application.

          4. School agencies are required to make at least one documented follow-up attempt on non-
             responses to this process. To facilitate the non-response documentation and the annual
             verification reporting, I am suggesting schools utilize our verification tracking form for each
             application verified. This form is enclosed and can also be found with all other verification forms

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7841, Madison, WI 53707-7841  Street Address: 125 South Webster Street, Madison, WI 53702
          Telephone: (608) 266-3390  Toll Free: (800) 441-4563  FAX: (608) 267-1052  TDD: (608) 267-2427
                                        Internet Address:
    5. Schools must provide a method for households to discuss verification inquiries that results in no
       charge to the household. This could be a toll free number for households or the ability to reverse
       the charges while talking with the verifying official.

    6. Verification results must be reported to DPI electronically on or before November 15, 2005.
       Please download the instruction manual to insure smooth submission of this information.
       Printing the reporting form from the web to use as a worksheet will also facilitate your online
       entry. The reporting portal can be accessed through the online services on our main web page at: . Failure to submit the verification summary report will result in the
       denial of the November claim, usually filed during the first week in December. Please insure
       uninterrupted claiming by submitting this mandatory information on or before November 15,
       2005. We expect the reporting portal to be available on or about October 15, 2005.

Some SFAs received a mailing dated September 9, 2005 outlining the need for focused sampling due to a
non-response rate of 20% or greater reported in the previous school year. If you did not receive this
notification, you may proceed with the standard random sampling method utilized by most Wisconsin

Many students attended the Administration of School Nutrition Programs, Manager’s Roundtable and
Verification Update classes offered at the Wisconsin School Food Service Conference and through our
regional summer trainings. If you were unable to join those classes or need further support, please join us
for Determining and Verifying of Household Applications through a Wisline call on Tuesday, September
20, from 1:30 to 2:30 pm. This call replicates our summer classes and is designed to assist the
implementation of the verification process which must begin on October 1, 2005 and be reported on or
before November 15, 2005 of this school year in compliance with reauthorization. Participation in the
call requires preregistration and the call is limited to 75 lines. Please follow the instructions on the
attachment to insure your place in this important class.

To assist you as you plan and implement your verification process for the 05/06 SY, attached is:
     Registration instructions and announcement for the Determining and Verification Wisline Call
     Supplementary Materials for Verification Implementation Main Page – Table of Contents and
        web address to access the forms
     Verification Tracker for School Use
     School Nutrition Team Program Directory

As always, please feel free to call with questions or concerns. Quality nutrition programs support
Wisconsin students to excellence and future success. Thank you for all your contributions to this vital
educational support service.


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