Effective Internet Marketing For Offline Sales

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					Effective Internet Marketing For Offline Sales
Internet marketing is becoming more and more of a necessity for any
business online or traditional, that wants to drastically increase its
sales. In 2007 over a half trillion dollars of offline sales were the
result of internet marketing. ( In 2008 that number is
expected to double. With the creation of template driven website
creators, and low-cost hosting options, any business large or small can
now effectively compete in the global economy. All it takes is a website
and some effective marketing.
Traditional marketing tells us to get people in front of your sales
teams, and let them do the rest. The more people you can draw in the
better. Now imagine that every customer that walked into your store, or
called about your service, was already completely sold on you and your
company. Imagine not needing to first sell them on the value and need of
your product, but simply be able to go into design options, colors,
features, etc.. Now imagine what you could do with not only the extra
revenue generated by the increased sales, but also the money you save on
less effective marketing campaigns.
Internet marketing offers a targeted approach to generating new customers
that traditional marketing methods are hard pressed to match, and can
normally only do so with massive investments in many different forms of
media advertising. In my new book I describe it as the difference between
a bomb and a missile. One is meant for a massive wide spread effect, the
other, a targeted more precision approach. Now while both of them serve a
purpose, they can not be used interchangeably. You marketing efforts are
the same way.
When trying to break into a new market with a traditional "brick-and-
mortar" store, a massive marketing campaign can be a good way to get your
name out there and let everyone know your business has arrived. However
as you get further away from your grand opening, that type of marketing
"bomb" will rarely maintain a steady stream of qualified customers. Its
then that you need to switch to targeted marketing "missiles". An online
marketing campaign that creates a flow of pre-qualified customers can
make a large impact on your daily sales. Using a combination of websites
and traffic building methods are one of the easiest, and most cost
effective ways of marketing these days. There are several site builders
that offer free, professional quality website design, discount hosting,
and training in the marketing methods needed to drive massive amounts of
traffic to your site.
Internet marketing is no longer the stuff of large corporations and
techno geeks. It has become a mainstream part of our economy and will
continue to do so over the next few years. As the public becomes more
internet friendly with the advent of smart phones and digital cafes, no
business, online or traditional can afford to ignore the internet.
Would you like to learn more about increasing your offline sales through
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