“You Be the Judge” Questionnaire – 2006 by ANejman


									                     “You Be the Judge” Questionnaire – 2006

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the questions below. Your responses will be
reproduced and posted. Please have your responses returned to our office at 1443 S. St.
Mary’s, San Antonio, TX 78210 or by e-mail to patricia@thepeaceinitiative.net by
September 15, 2006.

   1.     For you, what is the hardest part of dealing with family violence cases?

          The availability, affordability and access to intervention services for families
          of domestic violence. I believe other problems are high recidivism, threats to
          victims and withdrawn charges.

   2.     What procedures regarding family violence cases need to be changed? How
          can those changes be accomplished?

          I believe the procedures in family violence cases which are in need of change
          is increased monitoring of the defendant in terms of compliance with
          protective orders and other intervention programs throughout the judicial
          process. This can be done through intensive community supervision,
          electronic tracking systems and home or employment field visits.

   3.     With crime increasing, how would you use the resources and office of the
          judiciary to ensure safety of children and families while at the same time
          dealing with jail overcrowding?

          Judicial monitoring, intensive community supervision, drug testing,
          home/employment visits and the use of alternatives to incarceration such as
          boot camp, inpatient or outpatient treatment services and other intermediate
          sanctions would alleviate jail overcrowding and at the same time provide
          rehabilitation to the offender.

   4.     What creative programs would you implement to decrease family violence?

          A program similar to the Drug Court Program, where a repeat offender is
          placed in a specialized program that is very intensive in supervision and is
          monitored on a daily basis.

          Additionally, a program that would provide the victim and family immediate
          separation from the offender as well as providing counseling for the victim, a
          job or job training and housing during this period.
5.   A large number of cases that come before the courts are in family law. How
     has your professional experience and interest prepared you to rule on these
     types of cases?

     I have over 20 years of professional experience working in the community as
     an attorney, former adult probation officer and juvenile officer. I have
     handled many family violence cases and have supervised many offenders of
     family violence crimes. I have first hand experience in working with the
     offenders, their victims and families, and have dealt directly with local
     community agencies regarding counseling and treatment. I believe my
     experience has well prepared me to rule on such cases.

                              Name: Ray J. Olivarri, Jr.

                              Office Sought: Judge, County Court at Law No. 6
   6.      What suggestions do you have for ensuring family violence related cases are
           heard in a timely manner?

           Currently, Bexar County Court at No. 7 presides over family violence cases.
           Due to the high number of domestic violence cases in Bexar County, the
           creation of an additional family violence court would allow for quicker
           adjudication of these cases. In addition, this would also make victims and
           their families safer because the offender would be on some type of supervision
           and or monitoring.

   7.      Do you believe that all citizens have adequate access to legal help and the
           legal system? If not, what can be done to provide wider and better access?

           I believe access is adequate, but not excellent. There needs to be more
           awareness and education of the local services that are available.

   8.      If you could change one policy or procedure to make things safer for children,
           seniors and families, what would you change and why?

           I would make electronic monitoring a part of a defendant’s bond conditions
           and I would shorten the length of time it takes for the cases to appear in court.

   9.      How and what criteria would you use to select the appropriate intervention for
           alleged and/or convicted batterers appearing before your court?

           The severity of injuries, number and severity of prior convictions, presence of
           children in the household; disparity in economic situation of the parties.

   10.     What are your views on whether the court, as a whole, deals effectively with
           racial and gender bias?

           Every case that appears before the court, regardless of race, gender or
           economic status, should be handled in a fair and impartial manner.

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                                     Name: Ray J. Olivarri, Jr.

                                     Office Sought: Judge, County Court at Law No. 6

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