100 Creative Presentation Ideas

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					100 Creative Presentation Ideas
Creative Presentation Ideas - It's Showtime!
Listed below are just 3 of the 100 creative presentation ideas you can
use to make your presentation unforgettable. You may use these creative
presentation ideas when speaking to potential investors, at management
forums, conference lectures or with your colleagues, employees, or any
other presentation you have to make.

Each creative idea is described in the following format:

Basic description of the creative presentation idea

What for? major benefits of the idea, or how it may be used

Variations on the creative idea: how you can adapt the idea to different
settings, goals and audiences

Comments: things you should pay attention to when using the creative idea

Well, here comes the first creative presentation idea:

Creative Presentation Idea #1:

Description: Do not use titles in your slides What for?

Tell the viewers that you left out the presentation titles intentionally
in order to see if you could deliver your main points clearly
When using the presentation as a learning aid in a workshop, if your
audience is required to complete the titles, they will have to think
about what you are teaching and actively participate in the discussion


Leave the titles out for only some of the slides – perhaps the ones that
will be used for a review of the presentation so far, or to trigger a
discussion on a controversial issue
Write only half of the title, and ask your audience to complete it


You can use a printed “complete” version of the presentation for
yourself, so you can see the titles you meant to use
The creative ideas I suggest are of different kinds and levels. Some are
crazier than others. You should choose the one that best suits your
presentation needs. Do you want to make a really bold statement? Here is
a more outrageous idea:

Creative Presentation Idea #75:

Description: Present the presentation blindfolded!
What for?

You could definitely demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and a good
memory skill as well as self-confidence by using this idea
Use it to add some humor to your presentation: after you put the
blindfold on, intentionally make some funny mistakes when referring to
the slides, and only then show them that you know what you're talking


Put the blindfold on for just a short part of the presentation, when you
want to make a dramatic effect
Provide blindfolds for the participants, so their sense of hearing will
be heightened and you could test their memory after a few slides!


Take care not to offend people with disabilities (e.g. blind people,
etc.). Use this technique when you are certain you can do so tactfully
and with good taste

As you might have noticed by now, these creative presentation ideas do
not rely on an incredible knowledge of Power Point, or on unreasonable
production expenses. Actually, in some of the ideas you don't even have
to use Power Point at all!. Here's one:

Creative Presentation Idea #31:
Description: Have a painter/caricaturist assistant -
drawing images/cartoons on a flip chart as you explain

What for?
This would make your presentation “live” on the go. Instead of using
slides, the sketches would visually convey the major points you are
trying to get through. For example - when you talk about the tough task
lying ahead, a simple drawing of mountaineers climbing up a steep
mountain would etch that image in the viewers mind.
A caricaturist could add a touch of humor to your presentation with funny
images and hints


If you have the talent – you could draw the sketches yourself as you
If there’s an electronic drawing pad – you could use it and show the
drawings on a screen as they are drawn.
Alternatively - ask some of the participants themselves to help you and
draw those images on the flip chart as you speak.
You could prepare and give the participants a comic book with the
important things you talked about.


Make sure there are enough flip chart pages you could use, and that
everyone can see them well.
Rehearse the presentation with the painter and the list the major
subjects you are going to talk about so that s/he would have time to
think about how to make meaningful and relevant drawings.
Here are a few pointers on where to find the person to draw for you: look
for high school or college art students who wish to practice and
demonstrate their talent for a small fee or free of charge; ask around
for other employees that have that talent and are willing to give a hand.
Of course, if the presentation is worth the investment, you may always
hire a professional caricaturist.
Get 100 creative presentation ideas - and more!
I hope these three examples of creative presentation ideas gave you a
taste of how you can make your presentations into memorable events.
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