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					Get Traffic From Social Bookmarking
Social Bookmark is a new way for internet users to bookmark their
favourite website or article online. It let internet users to store,
share, organize and search bookmark online. These bookmarks are public,
it can accessed by everyone who have interest on what you are bookmark.
Most of the social bookmarking site have very high PR ranked, google and
other search engine are very like to visit or crawls this kind of
website. For examples, digg and are updated everyday and can
drive a lot of free traffic to your website or affiliate program. It's
work !
We should join some of the social bookmarking website, i listed three of
the main reasons.
1) PR Rank, your website will get very good back link (link to your
website) and obtain high PR future. This is because most of the social
bookmark website is very high PR (PR6-8), if user bookmark their website
on bookmarking site, you can obtain and PR6-8 link back to your website.
It's worth and easy.
2) Listed in search engine as easy as 1,2,3. After you bookmark your
website or article in social bookmarking site, search engine will list
and crawls your website within 1 day. Please try it, it work!.
3) Drive free traffic to your website. Nowadays a lot of people like to
search favorite website or topic in social bookmarking site like If bookmark your website or article, it's can drive traffic to
your website in no cost.
I have tried, it work. I tried bookmark clickbank in malaysia
malaysia/, in 10 social booking site. Within 1 day , it drive me a lot of
free traffic to my site, my article also listed high in google search
engine. Please try search clickbank malaysia in google to prove it.
Social Bookmark is working, it provide steady traffic to your site and
get high PR backline. I advice please bookmark quanlity your website or
content in some of the famous social bookmarking site like digg, reddit,, blinklist or spurl.
mkyong is a Internet Marketing Researcher, please visit to explore more. Thanks ans have a nice day