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									Article Writing - Points to Consider
You want to write an article to help promote your site and hopefully get
you the back links you require which will help to increase your PR. Below
are a number of points that you should consider when deciding to write
your article.
1. Subject
Firstly, you should choose a subject on which you have a large amount of
knowledge or experience about. It could be a hobby or pastime that you
have an interest in or a subject that you are involved with either as a
job or through personal experience.
2. Planning
As you can see from the way that I have set out this article this is one
of the ways that you can use to plan what you are going to write about in
it. By setting out a number of points that you want to include in your
article you are able to more easily write a paragraph on each one.
However you don’t need to use these pointers as headings, just make sure
you set out each paragraph separately and in the order that you have put
the pointers down as.
3. Length of Article
When deciding how long your article should be remember that you do not
have to fill the whole page with information, you will a lot of articles
on the various article sites around are usually between 250 and 500 words
long. What you want to do with your article is get people interested
enough in the subject that you are writing about that they want to find
out more and so will have to visit your site for that information.
4. Information to be included in article
The most important pieces of information that you should include in your
article at all times are your website details, url etc., and an author
5. Who to send to
You have completed your article but how do you go about getting it
promoted. The best way of doing this is by joining various article
directories and submitting it to them for approval. There are a large
number articles sites available and it is best to look at ones with a
good PR (page rank) which will help to improve the PR of your site by
providing back links to you.
I hope that you have found this article to be of some use.
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