Handless Headsets for the Mobile Phone by MarijanStefanovic


									Handless Headsets for the Mobile Phone

There is   nothing more odd than seeing someone walking down the street
having a   full and complete conversation with themselves. At first glance
they are   seen as crazy or schizophrenic. Upon closer examination we see
they are   just on their mobile phone attached to a headset.

While the introduction of the headset to the mobile phone user has made
multi tasking even easier, you still cant help but take a second look
when you see someone in a fully animated conversation with what appears
to be themselves. Arms flailing, voice raised and lost in their own

The one good thing that the introduction of the mobile phone headset has
accomplished is that drivers are slightly less distracted when on their
phones. Of course, this is only slightly because a lot of the distraction
still comes from things like dialing the phone, answering the phone, or
even finding the phone when it is ringing.

The new version of the mobile phone headset is wireless. It attaches to
your ear and makes it so you can answer your phone with just a push of
the button on the headset. Sounds like something right out of a sci-fi
movie. But what next? Many people think the next trend in wireless
headsets will be to have a microchip implanted in your head that acts as
the headset. This seems to be taking things a little too far. But just
how far will we go for science? How will we be able to tell the people
who need professional psychiatric help from those who just spend all
their time on their implanted mobile phones?

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