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					Mirror Mosaics

Centuries ago, mosaics were mostly found on walls, ceilings, and on the
floors. Now, modern mosaics can be placed in different bases, even
mirrors. Have you tried creating mirror mosaics? Well, if you’re
interested to learn, check this out.

If you have a dull framed mirror, you can add some life to it by creating
a mirror mosaic with the use of ceramic tiles. All you need is a framed
mirror but just make sure that the glass is removable. Just in case your
mirror doesn’t have a frame, you can use a fiberboard of medium-density
and cut it to fit your mirror. Other materials for this mosaic project
are tiles, ceramic plates, jewelry and accessories to adorn your mosaic;
tile nipper, adhesive, 5 lb sanded grout (white) or tinted grouts,
bucket, glove, spatula, soft cloth, and sponge. Once you have these
materials, you can now start creating your mirror mosaic.

Place the materials on your working table. By the way, make sure that the
mirror is sturdy so it can put up with the grout and ceramic’s weight.
Choose an image or pattern for your mirror mosaic; choose something that
is of great interest to you to keep yourself motivated to finish the

Sketch the pattern or image on the frame of the mirror. Wheeled nipper is
better for cutting ceramic tiles; use it to cut the tiles into desired
shapes and sizes. The size of the tiles should be suitable to the details
of your pattern or image. Wear protective gloves and goggles.

When you’ve cut all the tile pieces, you can now arrange them over the
sketched design. If you’re satisfied with the mosaic’s appearance, attach
it to the frame using adhesive. Leave it to dry for a day. When the tiles
are dry completely, mix the grout. Get your spatula and spread the
batter-like grout over the frame. Use gloves so that you can push the
grout to certain areas. Using a sponge with bit water, remove the excess
grout. Do this right after applying the grout on the frame. Leave it for
a couple of minutes and then polish it using a soft cloth.

Once the grout cures, you can now hang the mirror mosaic in your bedroom,
living room, or even in your bathroom. Use the appropriate weight for
hanging the mirror.

If you’re going to create mosaic frame for your mirror, you can use a
fiberboard. Check out your local hardware store and ask the salesperson
if they have a fiberboard. You can also have it cut to fit your mirror if
you don’t have the right equipments at home. Bring your mirror to the
store so that you can choose the right fiberboard size. Follow the same
procedure as mentioned earlier when creating the mosaic. It would be best
to choose a simple design especially if you’re not that good in mosaic.
This is a time-consuming project and you need to be patient. Use a little
of your imagination and creativity.

Mirror mosaics can add a unique touch to your home. Create one now and
hand it anywhere in the house. You can even use the mirror mosaic in your
office. You will be proud when someone appreciates your art work. Get the
needed materials from the store and start working on your mosaic this