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									Christopher Taylor Edwards
Writing Samples

From the Spring of 2003 through the Summer of 2004, I researched and wrote a monthly column on
automotive specialty-sites for DRIVE! Magazine. Display ad clients often owned these sites. Being
featured in the column was tantamount to increased or continued display-ad placement per the various ad
sales reps. The tone was breezy and rarely critical. Unlike previous writers of this column, I worked hard
to develop consistent themes each month and tie-ins with the feature articles. The following was written
TK others are still available at Spring is springing around here, but it’s already sprung at RB’s
        Auto. After nearly a quarter century in the wet and wild Pacific Northwest, the folks at
        RB’s have moved to the dry and daring Desert Southwest. But one thing that hasn’t
        changed—their sense of design and style. Besides selling some of the best automotive
        parts and accessories, RB’s Auto also has a beautiful catalog and a really slick website.
        Follow “downloads” to get the whole catalog in the PDF format (if you haven’t already
        bought the mammoth thing from In “the catalog” section, find a link
        to search that whole thing through your web browser and Google. Or, pop on over to the
        “e-store” for easy online ordering. Northwest or Southwest, it doesn’t get much easier or
        more convenient. Did you spend the winter getting the paint job on your ride
        just right but it still seems a little dull? Check out all the beautiful die-cut work from
        Stencils and Stripes. If you’re having trouble finding a graphic that was original to your
        car, like that screaming chicken, these folks match the original designs in color and form.
        Navigation is easy through a side menu broken down by auto builder. Those of you sick
        of Chevy-this or Ford-that will be pleased to see Pontiac and AMC sections. If you’ve got
        a newer ride that you want to dress up, check out the “What’s New Section” that includes
        full rear window “Glasscapes ™” for pickup trucks. And, don’t miss the “Indy Pace
        Cars” section with all the right graphics to flaunt your car’s Indy roots. You folks with
        ‘84 Pontiac Fiero’s can now hold your heads up high. Why should your ride get all the fancy new duds? Check out the
        “tattoo-inspired” active wear from Dented SoCal for the coolest clothing, stickers and
        apparel accessories. even makes hats, gloves and socks. Find all that
        under “Lids/Accessories.” If your heart lies in the biker scene, you’ll definitely want to
        check out this site. See the “Riders News” section for weekly news updates from around
        the Web on the biker culture. Should you be looking to shop offline, check out “Store
        Listings” for stores around the country carrying Dented SoCal apparel. Perhaps it’s not only your garage and your wardrobe that needs
        rejuvenation this spring. What kind of gunk has been building up in your engine and
        decreasing its life? The people at Power Punch have developed the best in lubricants to
        set your engine right. They believe in their stuff so much that they’ll add 100,000 miles to
        your engine warranty. Check out the “Warranty” section to find out all the details. The
        Power Punch family has been building their company since 1952. Read more on that
        story in the “About” section. And when you realize that some of the folks at the track that
        proudly display the Power Punch logo aren’t even sponsored but just love the stuff, you’ll
        definitely want to buy it. Follow the “Products” link to begin your online shopping. If
        you are looking for dealers and installers in your area that use Power Punch products,
        check back soon as those sections are just about to be updated.

Christopher Taylor Edwards
Writing Samples Melting snow probably has you thinking of the coming
       event season. Everyone knows that DRIVE! and DRIVEonline are your number one
       event guides, but don’t miss MotorsportConnection for their additional features.
       MotorsportConnection features online preregistration for the free event listings on their
       site. And, they take a very broad view of motorsports as well. You’ll find everything
       from ATV events to airplanes, snowmobiles and almost every motorized event in
       between. The site isn’t limited to the good ol’e U.S. of A. either. Use the “Choose
       Motorsport” menu to browse by sport and then click on sections of the world map to find
       events all over the globe. If you know you are looking for a specific event, the “Search”
       feature is easily accessible from the main page or from the header bar throughout the site.
       Or, use the “advanced search” link from the front page to sort through events by type,
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       own events or to use the preregistration features. Follow the “log in” link in the footer to
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       to strikeout on your own—different colors, shirt styles, etc.—be sure to see the concise
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