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									Tablet PC

With all of the tablet pcs now out on the market, choosing the right one
to fit your needs can be more than a little bit tricky. There are, after
all, so many questions that you have to answer when you are picking out
your tablet computer. Should you get a Windows tablet pc in hopes that it
will interface more easily with your personal computer, or should you get
one with its own custom-made operating system, under the belief that it
will be more efficient? Should you get a more compact computer tablet to
save space and make it easier to carry, or should you get a more rugged
tablet pc, putting up with a bit of extra bulk in exchange for better
durability? How much are you willing to spend, and how many features do
you need? This is just the beginning of the long list of things you will
need to consider.

The only way to not get overwhelmed by all the choices is to begin by
thinking carefully about exactly what you need. If all you need is a
personal organizer, almost any tablet pc should do. Buy one that is
cheap, easy to use, and portable, and you will be just fine. If you want
to browse the Internet, send emails, write documents, or even program
code, however, your choices will become more complicated.

There are many different tablet pc interfaces. The stylus and the touch
pad are both popular ways to go, and most tablet pcs will have at least
one of them. Nonetheless, there are many high end models that incorporate
other inputs as well. Although it can be nice to write with a tablet pc
stylus right on the screen, for some applications there is no substitute
for a keyboard. That is why hybrid laptop tablet pcs are such a good
option for some users.

These hybrid tablets have a number of advantages and a few disadvantages.
The main advantage is that they have a laptop mode where the screen can
be swiveled to uncover a keyboard. Then, if you want to lie back and read
a document on screen, or if you simply want a setup that takes less
space, you can put the computer in tablet mode. The main disadvantage is
that they are much bigger than a normal tablet pc. This makes them
impractical for use as schedulers and pdas. They are also very expensive
compared to other tablets. Still, if performance is your main concern, it
is an easy choice!

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