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									Pain Relief

I apparently come from a family of people who suffer from a lot of pain.
Between my brother and my mother, there are many discussions at our
family gatherings about the various forms of pain relief. Though it may
be something that people everywhere talk about here and there, there are
times when I feel like it’s all they ever talk about. I know being in
pain is not fun, but it seems that they are dwelling on it entirely too

Pain relief is important though, and I do understand that. When something
happens to me I am glad there are a variety of things to take and I am
glad the choices are out there. I have a little of the common things in
my home, but I certainly do not have the pharmacy that my mom had. She
had a bad back for quite a while and it seemed that her doctor tired
every form of pain relief known to man while trying to help her get
better. She eventually had back surgery and she doesn’t have to take what
she used to take, but she occasionally needs something. For some reason
though, she keeps most of the empty bottles. It might just be that she is
a pack rat.

The good thing about that though, is when I need pain relief I can
generally get a good idea from her what I should take. She knows just as
much about over the counter pain relief as she knows about her
prescription medications. Though she doesn’t have to take much of
anything any longer, she still remembers what worked best for her and
what she should have not bothered buying. I know what to do for headaches
and other regular problems, but when I have a knee pain or perhaps my
back hurts, she can always tell me what to take for pain relief.

You do have to be careful with pain relief though. Medications can be
addictive. Though this is most common with prescription drugs, there are
some over the counter remedies that you shouldn’t take on a daily basis.
There are some forms of pain relief that can also harm your stomach in
the long run, and you have to keep an eye on what you are taking. When
you can, you should try other forms of pain relief like heat pads or even
creams, just to give your body a break.

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