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professional resumes
Simply put, your resume is your sell sheet. It functions
as an advertisement of your qualifications and skills. It
should capture specific characteristics of your
background that are relevant to the reader, with the                 format & Layout
objective of intriguing them enough to extend you an                 Your resume should be brief, well organized and neatly
invitation to an interview. A resume should reflect your             printed with a 10 or 12 point font, in Arial or Times New
assets and avoid information that might remove you                   Roman. It should be single spaced and follow one of three
from consideration. Before writing your resume, take                 formats: chronological, functional or combinational.
some time to brainstorm about what to include.
                                                                     This is the most common format, and is usually best for a
resume tips:
                                                                     person with a strong history of relevant work experience.
                                                                     Skills take a backseat to the details of a job history and
•	 Be 100% Honest.
                                                                     education, though be sure to include the skills still
•	 Use “Action Verbs”. These words will help you
                                                                     relevant to the position.
   present your accomplishments and avoid personal
                                                                     Functional resumes work well for those with little or no
•	 Proofread & Edit. A resume is also a writing sample
                                                                     work experience, or for gaps in employment. It organizes
   and a demonstration of your communication skills.
                                                                     your experiences into skill areas, with emphasis on those
•	 Focus on skills. If you have little relevant work
                                                                     relevant to the positions, and presents your employment
   experience, focus on core skills, relevant coursework
                                                                     history in a brief format.
   and relevant projects.
•	 Get the job done. Always talk about your responsi-
                                                                     This format uses both work history and skills to empha-
   bilities and the result and/or the skills you leveraged
                                                                     size relevant experience. It works well for those with a full
   to get the job done.
                                                                     work history in multiple fields, as well as many skills that
•	 Unique, but simple. Most resumes are read for only
                                                                     are applicable to a particular job or field.
   30 seconds, so make sure it stands out. Use bold and
   italics sparingly.

 a resume should:                                                    a resume should not:
 •	 Be based on your accomplishments, contributions                  •	 Have any spelling or grammar mistakes.
    and skill areas.                                                 •	 Be an inclusive memoir of everything you’ve ever
 •	 Be easy to read.                                                    experienced or accomplished.
 •	 Be one full page or two full pages long.                         •	 Include anything from high school.
 •	 Be tailored to each position.                                    •	 Be a laundry list of job duties.
 •	 Be read and edited by someone else.                              •	 Include any personal information other than your
                                                                        name, address, telephone number and e-mail.

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Content                                                         aCtion verbs
Resumes typically contain the same type of content for
everyone, including personal information, education,            accomplishments
work experience, skills and any other information you           achieved         improved          spearheaded
feel is applicable to the job for which you are applying.       benchmarked      pioneered         succeeded
                                                                completed        resolved          surpassed
                                                                expanded         restored          transformed
Career objective (optional)                                     exceeded         reversed          won
The career objective is stated either at the top of the
                                                                analytical & research
resume or in the cover letter. It should be concise and
                                                                assessed         diagnosed         inspected
customized for each position.                                   clarified        evaluated         interpreted
education                                                       collected        explored          proved
Include your degree, major, minor, concentration,               conducted        formulated        solved
institution, city, state and date of graduation. You may        determined       gathered          summarized
also include scholarships, awards and honors, especially        communication & persuasion
if they are relevant to the job. Unless asked, you are not      advertised       documented        joined
required to include a GPA.                                      articulated      educated          marketed
Work experience                                                 collaborated     established       negotiated
Start with your most recent job experience, and be sure         defined          formulated        proposed
                                                                demonstrated     incorporated      specified
to include any relevant work, including both paid and
non-paid experience. Include your job title, the company        financial & Data
name, city, state and dates of employment. Be sure to           administered     estimated         reconciled
provide more detailed information about your                    allocated        managed           reduced
                                                                balanced         measured          tabulated
experience that most relates to your career objective.          calculated       prepared          tracked
skills summary (optional)                                       developed        projected         quantified
Technical skills, computer skills, laboratory skills, foreign   Helping
language proficiency and leadership skills can be
                                                                advocated        ensured           referred
included in this section. Make sure to tailor your listed       coached          expedited         represented
skills to the description of the work you are seeking.          contributed      facilitated       resolved
additional information (optional)                               cooperated       insured           simplified
Any qualifications, licenses, certificates, publications,       encouraged       provided          supported
awards and achievements can be included.                        leadership & management
                                                                accomplished     generated         prioritized
Do not list your references on the resume. If you have          approved         incorporated      recommended
room, include an area that says “references available on        consolidated     launched          strengthened
                                                                diversified      modified          trimmed
request”. If an employer requires references, list three
                                                                enlisted         organized         verified
to five employers and/or faculty members on a separate
sheet of paper, and include their name, title, telephone        organization & Detail
number and e-mail address.                                      arranged         maintained        reviewed
                                                                classified       obtained          scheduled
                                                                coordinated      planned           screened
                                                                executed         processed         updated
                                                                implemented      restructured      validated
                                                                Teaching & Training
                                                                adapted          focused           simulated
                                                                communicated     guided            taught
                                                                critiqued        influenced        tested
                                                                enabled          instructed        trained
                                                                explained        persuaded         tutored

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