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									More Horses, Less Thirst is the 2006 Honda Civic Sedan
Article by: Saurabh Sharma

Given the fact we’re at post-peak oil, which means we’ve extinguished 50% of the world’s oil deposits, we must ponder
at our need for larger, less efficient automobiles. The 2006 Honda Civic sedan seems to address this universal
concern by giving us an expressively styled car that features a torque rich engine, matched to electric handling, but
one that doesn’t compromise fuel economy (EPA of 40 mpg; and 50 mpg for the Hybrid). If there was ever a time to
consider a car that’s fun to drive, good for the planet, and easy on your wallet – it’s either the Honda Civic sedan or the
Civic Hybrid.

The new Civic sedan’s futuristic look and sublime technology make it stand out from the ordinary. A technical marvel,
the 2006 Civic sedan is the culmination of 34 years of Honda engineering. In 1983, the Civic was the first Honda to
introduce the DOHC multi-valve engine. In 1987, the Civic featured Honda’s brilliant VTEC – variable valve timing and lift
system to enhance horsepower without increasing engine displacement. In 1991, the VTEC was further refined to
enhance both gas efficiency and horsepower. For 2006, the Civic sedan has already earned Motor Trend magazine’s
Car of the Year Award based on its exceptional cutting edge technology, and sensual design.

Resolute comfort is an understatement for the new Civic sedan. Sit behind the futuristic, space age steering wheel and
your impressions are confirmed. The 2-spoke steering wheel can be adjusted for tilt and telescope letting you fine tune
its exact position. There is a bold new RPM dial to keep you informed about the vital stats of the car on the go. The
cockpit also features a backlit two-tier instrument panel displaying information about velocity, temperature, and fuel
that are backlit for easy reading.

Reinforced, supportive seats are extremely comfortable for long drives. Each seat is further enmeshed with an active
head restraint system to reduce whiplash in case of an accident. For the back seat passengers, the flat floor makes it
easy to move around and the wide seats with their ergonomically contoured back makes them more comfortable to sit
in than ever before. The suspension and steering systems have also been re-engineered from the ground up for quick,
precise response, and a highly refined road feedback quality. The 2006 Honda Civic sedan is an uncompromised,
communicative unit.

Powering the 2006 Civic sedan is the new 140 horsepower, 1.8 Liter i-VTEC engine that comes alive in all Civic DX,
LX, and EX models. Honda’s racing heritage can be vociferously felt in i-VTEC technology. It provides acceleration
across the entire RPM band with the inline 4 providing max horsepower at 6300 RPM and max torque at 4300 RPM
while achieving an EPA estimated fuel economy of 40 miles per gallon. (The quieter compact 5-speed automatic
transmission further enhances fuel savings.) The new engine also features a Drive-by-Wire Throttle System™ for quicker
engine response and less maintenance. The Civic has also attained an Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle (ULEV) rating in
50 states.

For 2006, the Civic sedan is also available as a Hybrid featuring a lightweight, low friction 4-cylinder engine with torque
rich i-VTEC engine and a dual-point sequential ignition system that sparks two plugs per cylinder. The engine is
connected to a powerful DC electric motor that stores the energy in a battery format. The result is a 110 horsepower
engine that is better for the environment with EPA estimated fuel efficiency of 50 mpg during city driving.

The Civic features a long list of standard safety features including: active head restraints, daytime running lights;
advanced compatibility engineering (ACE) that structurally absorbs energy; anti-lock brakes with electronic brake
distribution to monitor each wheel during heavy braking; dual-stage, dual-threshold front; side airbags; a side curtain
system; and structurally reinforced side-impact door beams. In all, the new Civic sedan is well on its way to earning a 5-
Star Crash-Test rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – the highest possible accomplishment of
any motor car.

The 2006 Honda Civic sedan seeks to fulfill the perfect balance between the car that appeals to your senses, and the
car that appeases your conscience. With a MSRP of $14,760 – $20,760 your senses will be satiated with the 2006 Civic
sedan’s sleek exterior styling, and its exciting driving personality. And your conscience will be pleased that the planet
will be less harmed by your decision to park one at your home or apartment.Honda Civic Sedan New Car Buying Made
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