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									Integrated Marketing Communication Plans

One of the fundamental elements in any successful business is an ongoing
exchange of ideas. An integrated marketing communication plan is a
building block for this kind of valuable exchange. Coming up with a good
strategy for creating a plan for marketing takes quite a bit of effort
but it will pay off in the end.

Basically, there is no point in even having a product to sell if you are
unable to communicate to the public. If no one is aware of the benefits
of a product or service they are not going to buy it. This is a
fundamental concept that is a cornerstone of any business venture.

An integrated marketing communications plan is designed to effectively
convey your product or service to a target audience. There are many ways
to make a statement. However, when it comes to your business venture you
really want to concentrate on making a sound connection with your

The approach is viable in this type of plan because the system actually
merges—or integrates—different aspects of communication. Different people
have different learning styles. Using several approaches to publicize
your product or services is the ideal because it has mass appeal.

The first step is to create an icon or representation of your goods or
services. An integrated marketing communications plan will keep
fundamental elements of your message in different forms. For example, a
person visiting your website will immediately recognize concepts he read
in your print advertisements.

People become very comfortable with concepts that are familiar.
Repetition is the key to gaining and keeping attention. There are
different formats that can be used in an integrated plan for marketing.
Each one serves to build a strong structure for your business venture.

Common marketing methods include websites and online advertising. The
site should be easily navigated, professional and targeted to your
message. Online advertising can be strengthened with print ads, radio or
television commercials depending on the company’s budget. Also, online
business marketing can also involve opt-in email and links from affiliate

If your business has marketing collateral, use it. This is a valuable
tool that includes brochures, case studies and white papers. Of course,
trade shows are also wonderful resources that merge different elements
that each work to convey your message. You can also try direct mailing
and selling along with networking.

An integrated marketing communications plan merges different modes of
interconnecting with an audience. The fundamental first step is to
develop a strong statement that clearly states your company’s

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