The American University Peace and Empowerment Project Constitution by ANejman


									   The American University Peace and Empowerment Project Constitution
                                Fall 2007
The purpose of this organization shall be to raise aid and awareness for women and families in
developing and war-torn countries. Funds raised will be used to support women as they work to
start their own business assisted by microfinance organizations, thereby improving their
economic viability and facilitating their increased role in the peace process.

Article One
The name of the organization shall be the Peace and Empowerment Project.

Article Two
Membership shall be open to any student, faculty member, administrator or staff person
regardless of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender
identity and expression, personal appearance, disability, marital status, family responsibility,
political affiliation, source of income, or any other bases under federal or local laws.

Article Three
The organization shall adhere to all University policies as well as local and federal laws.

Article Four
The majority of active members must be persons officially connected with the University.
Section One: The officers of the group shall be:
        a.) Co-Presidents – Rachel Wise, Amanda Augustine
        b.) Secretary/Historian – Katherine Streit
        c.) Treasurer – Sasha Scott
        d.) Outreach Coordinator – Lisa Plotkin
        e.) Sponsorship Director – Holly Greb
        f.) Communications Committee – Erin Fitzpatrick, Ciara Trainor, Samantha Hassard
        g.) Regional Leaders – Vanessa Gatskie (Asia), Erin Fitzpatrick (Latin America), Erin
            Owens (Africa), Greta Wicklund (Latin America/Africa), Shetha Alaskar (Middle
        h.) Refreshments Chair – Jessica Estanislau
Section Two: All voting student members shall be eligible to hold office.
Section Three: The term of office for American University Peace and Empowerment Project
officers shall be from the fall semester of the regular academic year to the fall semester of the
following year unless the officer is unable to fulfill their duties. Elections for the new officers
shall be held in the fall.
Section Four: Officers shall be elected by a majority of the voting members of the American
University Peace and Empowerment Project during the first month of the fall semester.
Section Five: Vacant offices shall be filled by election by majority of the voting members of the
American University Peace and Empowerment Project at the time of the vacancy.

Article Five
Section One: The duties of the President(s) shall be to:
       a.) Announce meetings to listserv via email
       b.) Manage Student Organization Network and correspond with Student Activities
       c.) Communicate with E-board
       d.) Prepare agenda for and moderate monthly meetings
       e.) Oversee program planning
       f.) With Treasurer, prepare and apply for budget allocation in fall
Section Two: The duties of the Secretary/ Historian shall be to:
       a.) Record E-board and Club meeting minutes and email them to club members promptly
           after meeting
       b.) Update position descriptions and scrapbook as necessary
       c.) With Sponsorship Director, coordinate letter writing to sponsored sister
Section Three: The duties of the Treasurer shall be to:
       a.) Process reimbursement forms, JV transfers, and deposits
       b.) Monitor OFAS
       c.) With Co-Presidents, apply for budget allocations in fall an appeal for extra allocations
           in spring
       d.) Record transactions in Peace and Empowerment binder
Section Four: The duties of the Outreach Coordinator shall be to:
       a.) Solicit co-sponsorships from other organizations
       b.) Act as contact for cosponsoring organizations
       c.) With Treasurer, assure that co-sponsorships are transacted correctly
Section Five: The duties of the Sponsorship Director shall be to:
       a.) With Treasurer, manage all transactions with Women For Women International and
           other sponsorship programs
       b.) Act as representative of sponsorship organization(s) at club meetings and in work
           with other organizations
       c.) With Secretary/Historian, coordinate letter writing to sponsored sister
Section Six: The duties of the Communications Committee shall be to:
       a.) Produce publicity materials—posters and/or quartersheets, Today@AU, DailyJolt,
           Facebook messages—for each meeting and event
       b.) Manage Facebook group
       c.) Send reminder emails to group about meetings and events
Section Seven: The duties of the Regional Director(s) shall be to:
       a.) Generate ideas, plans, and implement events to raise awareness of issues in their
           global regions
       b.) Serve as a resource to club members about these regional issues
Section Eight: The duties of the Refreshments Chair shall be to:
       a.) Through treasurer, obtain a petty cash voucher or purchase card to buy utensils and
           refreshments for club meetings
       b.) Purchase coffee from the Davenport Lounge for Open Mic Nights

Article Six
The advisor shall be a faculty member of the American University Peace and Empowerment
Project who is willing and able to advise the members of the campus group and its membership,
in general, in the club’s quest to increase the economic viability of women. The advisor shall,
along with the President, serve as an intermediary between the American University Peace and
Empowerment Project and the school administration.

Article Seven
Meeting time shall be discussed at the first general meeting and decided on by the club
President(s) based on the availability of club members. The Executive Board shall have the
authority to call additional meetings.

Article Eight
To ratify the constitution the club members shall read the existing document and decide upon
necessary amendments. Amendments shall only be added by a 2/3 vote. The members of the
Executive Board may review and amend the constitution as members deem necessary. The
constitution shall carry the date it was last revised.

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