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					People working in Atlanta are increasingly making their home in the
growing suburb of Duluth ga in Gwinnett County. The city's population is
attracted by its prime location and amenities. Gwinnett Place Mall is the
major shopping center and contains branches of famous chains such as
Macy's, JC Penney and Sears and Roebuck & Co. The city center is a
charming spot with several traditional buildings, a fountain and a
pavilion. The area has many 9-hole and 18-hole golf courses, some of
which have won awards and several golf tournaments are hosted here.

The city also contains a large indoor facility, known as the Arena at
Gwinnett Center. It is used for conventions, sporting events and
concerts. The arena is home to several teams from Duluth ga and hosts
hockey games and basketball games. Many famous bands and singers have
performed there, including Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles, Elton John, Bon
Jovi and The Who.

A well known visitor attraction is located nearby in Stone Mountain Park.
Stone Mountain is a granite mountain of interest to geologists and has a
large relief carving on the north face of Stonewall Jackson, Robert E.
Lee and Jefferson Davis. The summit can be reached by walking up the
steep trail or by the easier route of taking the Skyride cable car.
Either way will reward with a panoramic view of Duluth ga and the
surrounding area. The park is also noted for its role in the 1996 Olympic
Games as a venue for archery, cycling and tennis events.

Lake Lanier is another well known feature, close to the city. The
artificial reservoir is a popular spot for jetskiing and boating and many
people keep houseboats there. The Lake Lanier Islands Waterpark was also
a venue during the Olympics for rowing and canoeing competition. Families
from Duluth ga love to cool off in the waterpark, where there are 11
slides and a very big wave pool. Children enjoy swimming in their own
pool and there is a mile long beach.

The most popular event on the social calendar for the people of Duluth ga
is the annual Duluth Fall Festival. This is a weekend long festival with
something for all the family. Local arts and crafts are displayed,
including pieces of jewelry, glassware and woodwork. There is live rock,
country and folk music and dance entertainment. Food stalls sell
everything from barbecue steaks to funnel cakes. The festival begins with
a parade through downtown and all proceeds go towards building projects
for the city.

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