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									Consulting firms are really an amazing thing, in my opinion. They show
that rationality can be brought to the often chaotic world of business.
You see, a consulting firm possesses no specialized knowledge. Anyone who
could succeed in business could succeed in consulting. What a consulting
firm brings, however, is a dispassionate, outside eye. Although a lot of
consulting firms spend most of their energy on jargon, publicity, and
such., the top consulting companies are pretty straight forward with
their advice. They employ a wide range of very eclectic and broad -minded
people. People get their start in consulting firms from a wide variety of
different backgrounds, including the liberal arts, design, advertising,
the social sciences, and even the hard sciences. As long as you are
willing to look analytically at business processes, management,
technology, and facilities, you can really get the job done and with a
great amount of success.

I never really contemplated a career in consulting Until I had been in
business for a few years. I was in a pretty toxic workplace. Not only was
it not a fun place to work, but it was also not a very well organized or
a rational workplace. everyone knew it, but no one seemed to do anything
about it. The boss was pretty burnt out, and he didn't really want any
advice from anyone. The workers were pretty burnt out, and most of us
were worried about keeping our jobs. Other people were looking for new
employment as quickly as possible. In desperation, the upper management
hired one of the top consulting firms. What they did was amazing.

First of all, they fired my boss. For that alone, I would have been
grateful. But when they reorganized the entire structure of the business,
I was completely blown away. Most of the things that they said were wrong
were things that I could have pointed out my own. The thing was that,
because they were an outside opinion, the management was more willing to
listen to them. I can not tell you how much of an improvement they made
to the company. Suddenly, it was a fun place to work again. Yet instead
of motivating me to stay at the same job,I was encouraged to leave and
seek out a consulting career. Although it was a little bit rocky starting
over again, it was more than worth it. I have loved every mo ment of my
work for consulting firms.

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