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									Addictive Behaviors

Have you ever gone out for a night with some friends simply intending to
drink one or two beers and found yourself drinking endlessly without
being able to stop? Or, have you gone shopping for one item and came home
with handfuls of bags of things that you didn’t need? Maybe you have had
a bad day and instead of eating just one candy bar to make yourself feel
better, you’ve eaten five or six and not even realized what you’re doing?
All of those actions can be classified as addictive behaviors. Most
people think that addictive behaviors only relate to alcoholism or drug
abuse. What they don’t realize is that there are so many behaviors that
people engage in on a daily basis are addictive and usually have
underlying reasons as to why they’re unable to stop being caught up in

One addictive behavior that people think is simply a bad habit or poor
judgment is shopping. Men or women will go shopping for a few items. They
have no intentions of buying anything other than what is on their list.
They know that they cannot afford to purchase anything more than that.
Suddenly, they are walking out with bags full of extra things that they
couldn’t remember even picking up. Somehow, their plastic credit cards
were swiped more than they can remember. The bill arrives a month later
and the individual has not a clue what they bought so much for in the
first place. Addictive shopping can be more than just a bad habit. It can
be a harmful activity that causes people to slip more and more into debt
and they might even hide their addictive behavior from spouses.

Of course, people will acknowledge gambling as an addictive behavior.
Overeating can be considered an addictive behavior. Having a bad day and
sitting down to eat one small piece of cake, candy or anything and then
looking down to discover that you ate the entire cake is an addictive
behavior. Being convinced that you’re fat and boycotting food until you
are skinnier than what is considered healthy is an addictive behavior as

Interestingly enough, the main driving force behind nearly all addictive
behaviors is depression. Depression can cause all types of behaviors to
surface without even realizing it, and forcing people to become
obsessive, compulsive, and lose control of their behaviors is more than
enough of evidence. When you find yourself not being able to stop
drinking, eating or engaging in whatever behavior is making you feel more
fulfilled or alive, then you know that it is time to admit that you have
an addiction. It can be treated with therapy provided that you are
willing to battle your demons and are determined to be the winner. Seek
professional advice and assistance before your life becomes more out of
control than it already is and before you end up hurting people who care
about you or even complete strangers. Addictions can be overcome when
you’re willing to take the challenge. It may be the most difficult
challenge of your lifetime, but it could also be the most rewarding
challenge as well.

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