Observations of a Mystery Shop

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					Observations of a Mystery Shop
There is no doubt that there is something strange about this store. Just
a few weeks back it used to hum with activity. There used to be so many
clients in this mystery shop that customers had to spend a good amount of
time to make their purchases. During the afternoon and the evening it was
a difficult task indeed to purchase anything from this shop. People had
to wait for quite a long period of time before they could finally leave
this store with their purchases.
All of a sudden, the entire scene changed. Nowadays the customers who
drop in hardly find more than a handful of other clients. It is not that
the quality of goods on sale has deteriorated or that they are
overpriced. The store is also located in a populated street so that too
cannot be the reason. To find out what the problem is with this mystery
shop , the owner has hired some secret agents to keep an eye out on the
establishment and to report back to him.
Last week someone had reportedly heard that the clients visiting this
mystery shop were not being treated properly by the salespersons and
therefore they had decided to move on to another store. People spend
precious time and their hard earned money to purchase goods from a store.
Most of the stores have the same price tags on the goods they store.
Chances are that one store might offer a good amount less than another
one, but that is not enough to make the clients change loyalty and push
of to another store.
While they would not mind spending a few extra cents in a particular
store, they would love to be treated properly by the salespersons. Things
are wrong at this store. The aged and hard of hearing gentleman, with the
quaint flower on his buttonhole, has been requesting the salesperson to
show him the latest hearing aids, but judging by the reaction of the
vendor, it seems that they need the hearing aid more than the customer.
They are more interested in chatting with their colleagues rather than
attend to the client. This is the reason why the mystery shop has been
losing clients.
The salesman is in for the shock of his life. Within a few days he will
be receiving a notice from his employer stating that his services have
been terminated with immediate effect. He might as well argue with his
boss but that is not going to save his skin. His owner has all
documentary evidences required to sack him. Unknown to him, the old man
was in reality a surveyor who had been employed by the owner of the
mystery shop to check why the number of clients was diminishing. The
quaint flower in his buttonhole was, in reality, a microphone. All the
conversation between him and the salesperson has been recorded. For the
uninitiated, these hidden spies come is different forms. They are
employed by the shop owner for a fixed stipend to keep an eye out on
their businesses. They are also paid cash to make purchases which they
can keep. The bag of peanuts that the old person had purchased from the
shop was paid for by the owner of the shop. With a new and co-operative
salesman the store might be able to bring back the footfalls of the past
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