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					When you think of velvet, doesn't it connote a feeling of luxury and
times past? In the Victorian era, velvet was a hallmark of the genteel
style of living, comfort and luxury rolled into one statement. Even
today, a velvet dress is worthy of your Christmas party, New Year's
event, a romantic date at the theatre, symphony, or ballet event, when
you want to look your best. Velvet bespeaks sophistication and glamor.
Velvet fabric is luxury and grace, the fabric equivalent of diamonds or
pearls. If you're looking to redecorate a room in a sensuous way, give
velvet a thought for an elegant makeover.

Velvet drapes can be a knockout. Velvet drapes can turn your living,
dining or bedroom into a luxurious and sensual space of delightful

Velvet comes in grades of quality. Short cut velvet is the lesser of the
velvet grades, because less light is reflected, with a decreased
sumptuousness, a flatter look which more closely mimics velveteen. Long
cut velvet reflects more light and thus sheen, making a more sensuous
statement. Long cut velvet is more expensive and requires more care, but
if you're looking for a sensuous statement, go for the long cut velvet.

In the short term, your velvet drapes will seem expensive. In the long
term, velvet drapes will go the mile, stating their intrinsic elegance
for years to come.

One cardinal rule when choosing velvet drapes is to be sure you have
adequate yardage. All drapes should measure at least 2 ½ to 3 times the
width of the window, to give the necessary fullness required for generous
and ample coverage. Velvet drapes are no exception and in fact should err
on the side of generous coverage. After all, if you're investing the
money for this romantic Victorian look, you've got to pull out all the
stops! Don't go halfway.

If you're going to do velvet drapes, you should go all out with the
trimmings. Gold rope pullbacks will certainly enhance the look, as will
tassels on the hems or tie-backs. Gold lace trims, at the hem, or used as
pullbacks, will only add to the romance.

Once you've chosen velvet drapes, be aware that special care of the
fabric is required. Get a can of 3-M to waterproof and protect the fabric
from dust and stains. The best method involves treatment of the fabric
before sewing, assuring an even coat of protection.

There are numerous styles of velvet drapes, from the full-length window
to floor length, “I've got a butler”, style to the fish tail valance
style of the old Virginia plantation style.

Velvet drapes can add a lot of panache to your decor. Just remember to
buy the best quality you can afford. Velvet is supreme in the luxury of
house decor, and is within your reach!

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