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Meeting Minutes Brookside HOA meeting with GS - May by sarob


									Meeting Minutes: Brookside HOA meeting with Lara Anderson ATTY – Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Location: Jim Hudson's Home

1. Received check from Custom Home Builders – Russ will deposit.

1. $62,354.00 – ending fund balance
2. Pond was sprayed on Sunday May 14 . Still some algae present but looks better than before.

3. Pete suggested that the BHOA should look at Altima’s accounting records.

4. Lara has a meeting with next week with Altima’s ATTY, Walter Yurkanin. Lara says that the
funds should transfer immediately via check. BHOA should check on: 1) cominging of any funds
and 2) outstanding funds owed to contractors.

5. Russ asked if BHOA has been invoiced for the landscaping and pond maintenance yet.

6. Nancy reports that one “watch out” with Paradise Ponds would be their billing.

7. Lara – BHOA needs to incorporate ASAP, Altima would not have done that. BHOA can
process the paperwork through Lara’s office and use Lara as a registered agent incase of any
legal issues. Lara did not know the rate for processing the paperwork. BHOA board can also
incorporate file the paperwork themselves. We have time for filing Tax Exempt status.

8. Name search: need to check if anyone else has used the name. Lara recommends not paying
the fee.

9. Pete states that the liability insurance is good till July 12, 2006 with Ohio Casualty, Ray
Weidner & Company.

10. Lara recommends that the directors and officers of the board are covered under the liability
insurance. She will get a certificate of coverage from Walter Yurkanin. Type of policy needed
should cover liability, common areas, cover officers, maybe committees.
11. Lara’s meeting with Walter Yurkanin is May 24 at 1:00pm.

12. Pete will call insurance.

13. Sara and Nancy will work on incorporation documents.

14. Russ will deposit check and get a check for document fees.

15. Meeting, Covenants, By-laws, etc.
       Board need to hold a minimum of 4 open meeting per year.
       2/3s votes to change covenants.
       Need to check if the declarations address absentee ballots.
       By-laws are decided by the board.
       Major decision must notify BHOA
       Minor decisions not notice required.
       Rules & Regulations are the details of the declaration. Board comes up with the R&Rs,
               send out to home owners, hold an open meeting to express opinions.
               Board needs to put together the Rules & Regulations ASAP for the non-
        Fining resolution:
                 Assess daily fines for continuing problem until compliance is resolved.
                 Cannot put lien on property for failure to pay fine – would take 2/3 vote to change
        Antennas can be prohibited. Satellites regulated by the FCC.

        Association has 3 governing documents:
               1) covenants
               2) by-laws
               3) rules and regulations (ordinances)

        Restricted leasing types: hardship, transfers, financial reasons.
16. June 15 @ 4pm Planning & Zoning Meeting
17. Next BHOA meeting: June 7 @ 7pm @ Jim’s.

18. Church – Sara stated that the pond & landscaping reimbursement is in their budget. Ponds
needs to be discussed – possible re-deed it to BHOA. Church also owes city money and they
have to pay it back once they begin construction. If the Church re-deeds pond, grades the land,
BHOA will consider maintaining the grassy areas.

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