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									When I was planning my wedding I had no idea what to expect from my maid
of honor. She is my best friend but she is also a little eccentric. She
planned my bridal shower perfectly and she even took time to make be a
very special gift. She made a no sew fleece blanket for us and it is one
of my favorite presents from the event.

Ironically, I didn’t put any kinds of throws or blankets on my gift
registry. Even though my husband and I were tying the knot, we really
didn’t have plans to move into a new home and we definitely didn’t know
how we were going to decorate. My maid of honor’s no sew fleece blanket
became a sort-of foundation for our future decoration scheme.

My dear friend took the time to make the no sew fleece blanket in between
planning and cooking and trying on gown after gown. She did all of this
without one complaint and she also completed the project without giving a
single clue as to what she was doing for us. The no sew fleece blanket
was not only a thoughtful gift it also represented her dedication to our

I guess this is why I cried when I opened the box that the fleece was in
during the bridal shower. My friend insisted that the no sew fleece was
really simple to make. Anyone can do it. It really didn’t take a long
time. She kept reminding me how simple the whole process is but that
didn’t matter to me. I was just touched deeply by the gesture.

The whole thing was kind-of embarrassing for me after I thought about it.
The no sew fleece blanket took her about an hour or t wo to complete and
she said that she really wanted to do a more complicated piece. The only
problem is that she doesn’t sew at all.

You really never truly understand what a present like this means until
you receive one yourself. Every time we use the no sew fleece blanket we
think of the maid of honor in our wedding. I will always cherish the gift
no matter how easy it was for her to make.

If you want to create a very special present for someone that you love
you might want to consider making a no sew fleece blanket. Take it from
me it is one of the nicest gifts that you can give.

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